This month was the 20th anniversary of its founding, so we received many gifts.

I had a tremendous number of phalaenopsis. So is pink hat and rare sneakers. All of them are unexpected items.

I also got a delicious cake of famous patisserie.

Left back: A figurine figurine, right -handed: Baccarat glass blue bird. Poppo Uncle -Chicken -Chicken -Bird’s gift.

Today we also received the Hakata doll of Okina, a classic celebration. You can see that you chose it after ponder. Thank you.

I get acquainted with many people through work and life, get close, and have such a feeling of celebration, and I feel deeply connected.

The following items are also part of what I got this month.

In fact, the family (staff) is a part of the gifts (insertions) received by customers at the store.

“Eh!? Gift from the customer?

Such a mysterious phenomenon has recently occurred in many shops in Poppo.

I wonder why?

I think it is in “conversation”. As the corona has become unchecked, our stores have been taking care of conversations as much as possible. While the “connection” disappeared from the world’s shops, Poppo shops like a desert oasis have become a place where you can feel the connection! I am analyzing this.

“Society has two feet. One is selfish and the other is sympathetic,” said Adam Smith, the father of economics. While SDGs and ESGs are shouting, I think that the current 카지노사이트 phase is clearly an era where “empathy feet” is important.

↑ is a new function that started online reservations in May, “Message from customers to store staff”. I have a terrible warm message every day.

Originally, the digital space is inorganic and far from the connection, but I invested in this function. I thought it was a time that was valuable for “connection”.

More than expected is happening. The family is impressed by this message, and the customers who wrote the message feel the “joy of giving a present”, and when handing the product, the conversation is naturally born and a sense of connection is born. Such a scene is happening every day at our shop.

The image of ↑ is a small rose that bloomed in my home. This is a gift from an American friend three years ago. Although it was a small pot planted rose, when I planted it in the garden, it blooms unexpectedly every year. Looking at this rose, I remember my friend’s personality.

“Connection feeling”

I think it is a keyword in society in the future.

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