“New Danganronpa V3” has finally been cleared.

The total play time was about 60 hours.

I was listening to the punch, but the person who suddenly encountered this meta story would have eaten (laughs).

However, the whole series has been fiction! I 코인카지노 guess there were fans who were furious, but as far as the end …

It is unknown how far is fiction and how far is real

It is possible to interpret it as “real” until now

… And I thought that it was a pretty wrapped in oblate, so I didn’t have to show so much rejection…

Speaking of the sharp content is “Danganronpa”, it looks like “Danganronpa”, and it just feels like “I tried a common metanea ~ (laughs)”.

I think the theme of this story is “lie”. The content is like “Lies are not just bad aspects.” … But, let’s avoid lying in our daily lives as much as possible (laughs)

After clearing, I am doing the privilege “Dan Cancer Red Salmon Company”.

I’m going to gain skills with my friends to “5” and get skills (occasionally aiming for “10”).

I don’t have the skills of a mini -game, so I think it’s better to earn monocomedals than to make money at a casino, but it’s hard to earn only the Monok Metal in class trials.

What is the effect of the skill “fund procurement” that you already have … Let’s look forward to it (laughs)


There was finally a new information in Nintendo Direct the other day.

Super detective case book rain code

It is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2023.

It is a new work given by the staff of the “Danganronpa” series.

As expected, I guess it’s a real sequel to “Danganronpa” (bitter smile)

It is a new work that makes use of the know -how of Danganronpa.

This time, the city is the stage, so it is likely to be moved in a space larger than “Danganronpa”, and it seems that there is a pleasure to see the new landscape more than “Danganronpa” \ (^o^) /.

Somehow this work felt more than RPG than ADV.

I like the “Reversal Prosecutor” series, but one of the reasons is that the background that changes is interesting. I liked it visually to discuss it in various places, not in court every time.

According to the story of “Rain Code”: According to Mr. Odaka, it seems to be the purpose of having fun visually with a changing sight, so I would like to look forward to the visual fun.

[Super huge company]

Jinguji Konzern! ?

What was that setting? (^^;)

You can expect the appearance of Saburo Jinguji as a “super detective”! ! ! (Arienai)

Now that the sign of autumn is coming little by little, everyone should be careful (^^ ♪

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