In the first half of 2022, yesterday, for the first time in seven years, I bought a MacBook Pro.

How was your first half this year?

The latter half of 2022 begins from today.

Today, July 2 is just the middle of the year in the middle of the year.

Until now, I used the 2015 Early model of the MacBook Pro13. It is a model 7 years ago.

And today, the first half of this year, I set up today.

For modern photographers, PCs and Photoshop are as important equipment as cameras.

Eventually, an alert came out, and the solution was like this.

If you bring it to the regular repair, the price is 23,800 yen.

One screw on the bottom is passed through, and there is a little gap.

I had never seen the inside of the Mac, so I missed it naturally.

One rubber foot has come off.

Thunderbolt also makes a suspicious movement sometimes.

Rubber feet and screws are unlikely to be a big deal, but if the problem of HDMI and Thunderbolt is probably strange at the base part, it will be another repair on the rank, which is a good repair price. It seems to be applied.

Normally, Mac is often customized, and it is customized and purchased from Apple’s net, but the latest MacBook Pro13 and 14 are sufficient for standard models lined up in stores such as Yodobashi Camera. I was thinking of buying it at the store.

I was worried about 13 or 14 …

In the first place, 13 and 14 & 16 have different products.

The resolution of the LCD screen and the performance of the CPU are different.

The left is the new 14, and the right is 13 that has been used so far.

The size of the body is almost the same, but you can see the difference in the size of the screen and the resolution.

The biggest problem in carrying around every day is the size and weight.

Height: 1.56 cm width: 30.41 cm depth: 21.24 cm Weight: 1.4 kg height: 1.55 cm width: 31.26 cm Depth: 22.12 cm Weight: 1.6 kg width and depth of 1cm, but 200g weight difference. One steak. If you carry it every day, you will feel big with your age.

14 & 16 has three USB-C ports, HDMI socket and SDXC card slot.

Charging is Magsafe3.

On the other hand, only two USB-C will be charged from one of them.

In Mash, there are several PRO13 and one AirMac of USB-C type 2 ports, but both 13 and AirMac are not practical without external hubs.

And the last is the price.

MacBook Pro14 is 274,800 yen for 16GB storage 512GB of memory. The price increased by 35,000 yen on June 7.

The MacBook Pro13 is 206,800 yen for 8GB storage 512GB of memory. On June 7, the old model increased by 30,000 yen, and the new model will take over the price.

If you set 68,000 yen or memory to 16GB depending 메가슬롯 on the number of ports and the size and resolution of the liquid crystal, how to see the difference of 40,000 yen.

From July 1st, the iPhone and iPad increased the price by up to 25 % due to the weak yen.

From now on, there may be re -prices for Mac PCs …

And the problem is that there is a field at this time?

In the end, we set it to 14 in light of the performance of the display and the number and type of ports, but the space gray is undecided. If it is silver, it will be at the logistics center, so it will arrive at the store even tomorrow …

And the decision to purchase is not covered by the new 0S Ventura, which will be released in the latter half of this year, is not covered, that is, it cannot be used.

A few months ago, the battery has begun to decline. If 13 memory is added to 16GB as 14, it will be 234,800 yen, up 28,000 yen.

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