Bohm & Mercier has begun the “Virtual Try-ON / Virtual Watch Function”, which allows you to try on on the official website. This service using AR is completed on a smartphone browser without the need for dedicated equipment or applications. Currently, it is implemented only in the “Ribiera” collection.

Innovative try -on experience completed on a browser

New features have been added to Bohm & Mercier’s official website. This function, named “Virtual Try-ON / Vertical Watch Function”, can experience the fitting of the clock using a smartphone camera.

Similar services using AR (extended reality) have already been introduced by other companies, but the Virtual Try-ON / Virtual Watch function still requires special equipment and applications. Never, it is where the operation is completed on the browser.

Just press the “Virtual Try-ON” button on the product introduction page, you can try it on. Currently, this function is provided only in the “Ribiera” collection. This service is characterized by the simplicity of experiencing without using special equipment or applications.

If you need a smartphone -only application, you may not only have to install it, but may not provide an application in the first place depending on the OS of the smartphone itself. It can be said that it is a user -friendly attempt to remove those obstacles and make the virtual fitting experience familiar.

How to use is easy. Start the smartphone browser app and connect to the official website of Baum & Mercier. All you have to do is open the page of the model you want to try and press the “Virtual Try-ON” button.

When you check the start of the camera and bring your wrist closer to the lens, a clock appears on the wrist on the screen. When the wrist is approached, the clock grows larger according to it, and when you keep it away, it becomes smaller. If you rotate your wrist slowly, you can check the details of the strap. Although it is not unable to compete with the real thing, such as subtle light adjustment, it is very convenient to be able to try it on regardless of location.

A clock appears when you approach your wrist to your smartphone camera. Because it recognizes the angle of the wrist, it can be confirmed to be difficult to understand in the catalog, such as the thickness of the case and the design of the belt. It is also possible to take pictures and save them as they are.

This Virtual Try-ON / Virtual Watch function is currently implemented only in the “Riviera” collection. It can be said that it is a decisive decision to prioritize the “Ribiera”, which has been reprinted last year and has attracted attention, instead of the classic collection “Clifton” or “Classima”. Of course, this function will be applied to other collections.

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