Good evening

Last week, my favorite friend

He came to play at home. 。

I did my best to clean the garden and clean my home.

Cooking with new tableware purchased the other day

Helping without making it in time

I got it. 。


My May birthday flower

We received. 。

Very impressed

From my friend’s son

Rose of one -sided 🌹

What a nice and gentle son?

I’m too happy. 。 I inserted it in a baccarat vase. 。

My friend baked me

Delicious cheesecake and champagne

Souvenir butter sand

The main is

Dawn and Somen,

A small dish in a bamboo basket

Cheers with Meissen’s beer glass 🥂

My husband didn’t have a job on this day

Participation ☺️☺️ Today is desperate than usual

Next, my friend brought me 🍾


The cheesecake is also delicious

Move the place

With black tea

Ah, the most fun and happy ♡

and. Sightseeing by driving a friend’s husband

Jump at Makino’s Metasequoia

I can’t fly because my knees hurt. 。

But I went back to my childhood and enjoyed it. 。

With this member

February is a hot spring for strawberry 🍓 hunting

April 크레이지슬롯 is Awaji Island

June is my birthday

Various events will continue next month.

Thank you for the wonderful day ♪

I am full of thanks. 。

5/6 (Fri) 18:33 Delivery

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