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Yoshimura and Matsui push the Osaka casino concept of “Wakayama or higher” that is invited and rejected! The assumption is that the casino trader is a one -sided estate, and the conditions are the contractor’s compliance.


There was a major movement over an integrated resort (IR), including a casino that Mayor Ichiro Matsui and Governor Yoshimura Yoshimura are promoting in the front.

Like Osaka, the prefectural assembly rejected the application for the country on the 20th in Wakayama, which has been attracting casinos.

In fact, the invitation of casinos failed.

This is a natural judgment.

As the opposition was raised by the Liberal Democratic Party, which had been promoting IR, the prospect of funding was too uncertain and full of problems.

Following the decision of the Wakayama Prefectural Assembly, Mayor Matsui said, “Osaka has promised a loan in Osaka. The aim is different from Wakayama, and there is no significant impact (rejection).” It is a story that stupid can be said to be closed.

That’s because Osaka, like Wakayama, has more problems.

In fact, the application for applications to Osaka and the explanation of Governor Yoshimura and Mayor Matsui during this time are full of staggered things that have to be said that the danger of collapse is very high.

However, in the case of Osaka, the parliament was passed through the problem because the rehabilitation was in both prefectures and cities.

As you know, Mayor Matsui and Governor Yoshimura have explained that they do not use any taxes for IR and casinos, and that they are not paid for the public. It is decided to bear 79 billion yen for the measures against soil pollution in Yumeshima.

It is unusual for the government to bear the cost of the ground improvement, and it is said that the city’s strong intention was to have the city’s cost.

However, it is not the only deceiving citizens to invest in public money to improve the ground.

First, one of the problems is the “rationale for numbers,” such as the number of visitors and sales that mayor Matsui and Governor Yoshimura.

Annual visitors can withdraw by 20 million visits if the one -sided estimation demand of a casino company does not return

The Osaka IR maintenance plan claims that the number of visitors for the expected year is 20 million, but this exceeds the number of visitors in front of Corona in Tokyo Disneyland, which is more than 18 million, and is also affected by the new colona. It’s a tremendous number that doesn’t take into account at all.

In addition, the government says, “I want you to collect about 60 % of international conference halls and events other than casinos (Shinbun Red Flag April 22).

At the G20 Summit held in Osaka in 2019, Governor Yoshimura appealed that “30,000 people involved and press are said to come”, but 400 G20 Summit -level international conferences were held. Finally, it is a calculation of 12 million people a year.

In any case, it can only be said that “20 million visitors per year” can only be said to be reckless, but more surprisingly, the Japanese Communist Party, which has interviewed the IR representative in Osaka. According to Miki Daimon and the House of Representatives, when asked about the basis of this estimate, the person in charge was “I do not know because the business has calculated.”

In other words, the numbers that the businesses have issued are swallowed as they are, and Governor Yoshimura and Mayor Matsui are only touching “20 million visitors”.

However, the further problem is the contents of the basic agreement that Osaka Prefecture and the city have linked to the business.

The prefecture and the city selected a casino business operator in Osaka IR Corporation, which was established by the US MGM Resorts International and ORIX with a joint venture.

However, the basic agreement states that “if business operators expect to recover to the level before the new Corona after being certified by the country, the company can cancel the agreement.”

Moreover, the agreement does not indicate how much the “Corona -earlier level” is.

In other words, if the business operator decides that it is not expected to be profitable in the future, it will be that the withdrawal may be said to be withdrawn even after receiving the national certification.

In fact, MGM had a precedent in which the MGM was withdrawn in Vietnam just before its opening in Vietnam, and was also invited to the Osaka City Council Economic Committee on March 16, and Mr. Toyonori Takahashi of Orix, the president of Osaka IR Corporation. He said, “I think the possibility is low, but there may be questions about whether there is.”

In the future, if “land subsidence, liquefaction, soil pollution, sludge disposal” is found, the conditions will be borne by Osaka.

That is 퍼스트카지노 not all.

The basic agreement also mentions when the existence of events such as land subsidence, liquefaction, soil pollution, and disposal of sludge are found in the basic agreement.

Osaka City cooperates with businesses to “take certain measures”, and if the conditions are not satisfied, the agreement will be canceled.

As mentioned above, Osaka City has decided to bear the full amount of 79 billion yen for soil pollution measures, but this 79 billion yen is included in liquefaction, soil pollution, and underground disorders. It is compatible with three, and does not include costs such as land subsidence (AERA.DOT March 22).

Meanwhile, MGM’s Edward Bowers, who was invited by the Osaka City Council earlier, said, “It may be sinking.”

In other words, if the business operator considers the land subsidence in the future, it may be required to pay a further public money.

In addition, Mayor Matsui and Governor Yoshimura insist that the economic effect of IR is 1.2 trillion yen per year! Even if the House of Representatives Akiko Oishi makes a request for information, it is a black -painted document that comes out.

In the same way, as well as Wakayama, who was forced to attract the invitation, the casino plan in Osaka is an unreasonable squirrel that does not show the basis of numbers.

Applying for a maintenance plan for a country with a deadline on April 28 is expected to be two places, Osaka and Nagasaki, where the parliament has already passed the application, but if you look at the government’s attitude to promote casinos. It is unlikely that the problem will be pointed out by the planning and examination by the National Intellish Committee in the country.

In Osaka, a signature movement is being conducted to implement a referendum that asks the pros and cons of IR, but the runaway of Mayor Matsui and Governor Yoshimura, who has been complied with the business, will be stopped by the power of citizens.

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