At this time, I saw “007/No Time to Die”. The photo was taken from the running Riverbus.

I finally saw “007/No Time to Die” released in November 2021. Looking at the reviews, there were many pros and cons and severe opinions, and I started to see it, but I personally think that it was very good and very good.


(2008), “Skyfall” (2012), and “Specter” (2015) The person correlation diagram and story that can only be understood by those who have seen all works are all fans. The first action scene is Matera, a world heritage site in southern Italy, famous for its cave residence. The place I want to visit the most in recent years. The scene at the water bridge in Gravina in Puria was impressive. The first movie “007/Doctor Noo” was released in 1962. 60 years have passed, and the times have changed dramatically, and the 007 series, which has been on a turning point, seems to have gradually changed in the era with five works played by Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig 카지노사이트 is the first blonde bond, the first female M died in “Skyfall”, and Q rejuvenated at a stretch, and retired from “Spector”, and returned to “007/No Time To Die”. There is. And the new 007 is a black woman, and Q is LGBTQ.

At the end of the movie, Suddenly, Louis Armstrong’s “We Have All the Time in the World” “Love is Beyond everything”, and I was surprised and surprised at the same time. Louis Armstrong’s “Love is Beyond All” is an inserted song of “007/Queen’s 007”. Yes, James Bond was “Queen’s 007”.

Twenty years later, the blue eyes, which seem to be Bond’s daughter, may be 00 (double -O). First of all, pay attention to who will be the next 007. I’m looking forward to it. On April 3, BS-TBS will be broadcast as “Skyfall” and “Spector”.

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Hong Kong Market Overview on the 12th: Hansen 2.2 % cheaper and dropped, the tech index dropped by 3.8 %

The Hong Kong market on the 12th, the Hansen Index, which consists of 66 major brands, is 444.23 points (2.24 %) from the previous day, 19380.34 points, and the mainland stock index (formerly H stock index) consisting of mainland company shares (former H stock index) is 174.91 points. (2.58 %) It fell with a low 6594.81 points. The trading value is slightly reduced to Hong Kong Kong Kong (HK $ 126,151.8 million on the 11th).

The flow of high -tech stock weakness. In the US market last night, the caution of monetary tightening increased, and the Nasdaq index dropped by 3.2 %. In addition, two cases were confirmed in Shanghai City on the 11th of the new Coronavirus infected people (zero city infection on the 10th). The expectation of lockdown (city blockade) has fallen. As the expectation of China’s economic measures continues, the index has been reduced, but the momentum is eventually increasing in terms of closing. (Ashuro Research Editorial Department)

Selling is ahead of “New Economy” related brands. The Hansen Technology (Tech) index was underpertaining 3.8 % and other indexes (dropped out of the configuration brand 30 29). Individually, the Emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturer Saizo train (X -Pong: 9868/HK) is 9.2 % cheaper, the video distribution platform is 8.0 % cheaper, e -commerce (e -commerce). The major Kyohong group (JD dot com: 9618/HK) is 7.8 % down, which is noticeable.

The Chinese real estate sector is also cheap. HD (1813/HK) is 12.2 % for HD (1813/HK), 7.6 % for Masayo Raku Group HD (3383/HK), 6.9 % of HD HD (2007/HK), and 4.8 in Kinsho HD (817/HK) % Have fallen by %. The debt problem in the industry is steamed. Private developer Interesting HD 인터넷카지노검증사이트 (SUNAC China: 1918/HK) reported on the 12th that interest payments could not be implemented by the end of the grace period of US dollar bonds (annual interest rate) in October 2023. The stock is suspended.

There are no leisure -related brands such as airlines, travel agencies, and casinos. China Southern Airlines (1055/HK) is 2.5 %, China International Airlines (753/HK) is 2.2 % lower, vertical and horizontal HD (WWPKG Holdings: 8069/HK) is 5.8 % lower, and group (Trip.com Group (Trip.com Group) : 9961/HK) was 3.4 % lower, the new moat International (Melco International: 200/HK) was 5.3 %, and the Galaxy Entertainment (Galaxy Entertainment: 27/HK) was 3.2 % lower.

Material sectors such as non -ferrous, steel, and cement are also sold. China Aluminum (Charco: 2600/HK) is 4.5 % cheaper, Eiishi copper industry (358/HK) is 2.5 %, Chongqing Steel (1053/HK) is 4.3 %, and saddle steel (Angan Steel: 347/HK). 2.4 %, China (3323/HK) lowered 2.3 %, and Anhui Sea Screw Mud (Anhui Concecement: 914/HK) lowered 2.2 %.

Meanwhile, the mainland market fell for the first time in four days. The main indicator of the Shanghai General Index ended the transaction at 3054.99 points, which was 0.12 % lower than the previous day. Real estate stock is cheap. Energy stocks, materials, financial stocks, public interest stocks, and air transportation stocks were also sold. On the other hand, high -tech stocks are expensive. Pharmaceuticals, consumption -related stocks, and media -related stocks were also bought.

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