On July 4th, I am busy with live performances, so I am more guitar every day than usual.

By the way, today is the first time (?) BABYMETAL’s story.

Actually, the fact that BABYMETAL’s situation has been in recent years is not very interesting.

I personally said BABYMETAL, “Isn’t this best? I wrote the proposal in some article here,

It hasn’t changed yet, and should Team BABYMETAL have a brunch from Amuse in Nevada, a gentle tax system?

I was given that.

As you know, Nevada is a state with Las Vegas, where rich people around the world gather, and it is a state where tax revenues can be covered by casinos, so there is no income tax or corporate tax, but also one of the entertainment. Because it is also a big base, there are facilities that are necessary for a huge concert and a lot of crews in the state, so American big names are always performing in various forms in vegas.

I say kobametal

・ Live becomes luxurious

・ NFT sales at Metalverse

As a result of my interpretation

・ Live in Las Vegas

・ Simultaneous distribution of global distribution by VR

Isn’t there a flow? According to the latest information, Kobametal himself has skeptical opinions on metavers and NFT.

After all, I feel that it is a measure for general meeting of shareholders.

This is an application screen where you can see a certain BABYMETAL -related summary, but now this app has been picked up by picking up the BABYMETAL tag on Twitter.

Everyone is healthy. Not only BABYMETAL today, but she is tweeting every day with her nostalgic ties raising her images when she was still young.

By the way, a while ago, on the birthday of former member Yuni Mizuno, this screen was full of photos of Yui -san.

I understand my feelings, but I personally only thought I was alive in the past.

At the same time, SU-METAL and Moametal, who decided to do it in a two-person system, are appalled by fans who have no respect for their hard work until they can be said to be dedicated in 10BABYMETAL BUDOKAN. increase.

I thought that it was a way of otaku who didn’t understand the feelings of a living girl.

From my point of view, I think BABYMETAL when Yuki Mizuno was there was an event in a dream world where some kind of magic was used.

The lyrics of BABYMETAL’s songs are scattered with the words “Eternal” and “Forever”, and in short, not only fans who are enthusiastic about BABYMETAL, but also girls who play BABYMETAL. I guess it was a magic word that worked in.

“This story is not over, you live in this world as a BABYMETAL that makes customers the best dream.”

Nakaji recognizes that such magic spells are included in BABYMETAL’s lyrics.

And they sing the magic spell and dance that complements the lyrics of the song while putting the hand in conjunction with it.

If you do it with all your might, the customer will always be delighted with a rejoicing voice.

Not only in Japan, but also from all over the world, which should not be able to speak, brought such feedback to them in BABYMETAL live.

For the first time in the “eternity”, it was the withdrawal of Yui Mizuno. In addition, Mr. Mikudai Fujioka, who was able to demonstrate the difficult song in the live, passed away.

Subsequently, the total palm and bashing from the mate in the “Dark Side period”.

Suzuka Nakamoto and Toshikai Kikuchi, who noticed that the story of “BABYMETAL” was not eternal, would have realized the reality as realized.

Because it ’s

This is not limited to BABYMETAL, but “Girls” that has sprouted in the last 10 years,

In my 50s and poor people, people in their 60s have been hooked when they were young, and came up as one of the fantasy that could get things that could not be a genre of metal. It’s a thing.

The old days were “young and cute girls” because they had no interest in hard rock or metal.

Once upon a time, there was a show called squid, right?

The special band was playing, and the video of the customer watching the live was played.

Probably at that time, “Young and Cute Girl” was not interested in hard rock or metal, and most of the customers were watching the live in their interest, and only one young man in a rider. Was pushing his fist up while headbanging.

The people around me were stunned, and personally, the temperature difference was very interesting.

The point is that hard rock and metal were music genres that were hard to understand without saying that young and cute girls didn’t like hair.

Therefore, it seems that many people who were crazy about metal and hard rock in that era would have spent a relatively dark youth classified as “Mote” and “Non -Mote”.

My wife is an American, so if you listen to distorted guitar sounds and double -based blast beats, tension will rise if you listen, but most Japanese women about 30 years ago would have blocked their ears. It is.

Therefore, it seems that there were quite a few people who were classified into “non -mote” due to the difference in musical taste from the opposite sex that should be dating.

Because I listen to music that is troublesome to go to play and drive, and on a date, I am always in the musical instrument store, and I am a girl who wants to talk about the future of the two together. Isn’t it an unpleasant boyfriend who plays quickly or is crazy (laughs)?

Even so, the uncles who get married while giving up and compromising that there are no girls who have been dating forever are appalled one day.

A young (uncle) cute (above the average) girls are playing hard rock and metal by playing guitars and basses.

This area is a so -called girl band, a young lady’s metal, and those who were “non -mote” when they were young began to lift the band and artist “only by a girl” like Otasa’s princess. 。

Well, the flow was abolished wonderfully (laughs)

BABYMETAL is also a niche product that grew in a certain kind of need, and it was a world -class artist while covering the “Points that seem to be thrown into” 코인카지노 in that area. It would have been BABYMETAL.

Even in our generation, BABYMETAL’s numerous achievements are astonished, and from the generation of the fans’ volume zone called “Mate” (50s and 60s), it is no longer a miracle. It should have been an event.

Most of the people who are watching my blog have been playing musical instruments since long ago, and once I thought I should be a professional, I did live, make sound sources, and bring them to a record company. At that time, there must have been hand -selling.

However, in the cruel time, the members who faced one of the natural things, “I have to see the reality,” leaving the band with one person and switching the electric guitar to Akogi. In the days of spending days that clung to music, I learned about the achievements that no Japanese band had been in the past at “BABYMETAL has been stupid at Sonis Fear”.

When you were a young man, did you imagine yourself in a band and performed in a lady?

Are you not there?

BABYMETAL has achieved a number of achievements and gave a dream to those who used to be “non -mote”.

It was a achievement that was accomplished by Kobametal’s various preparations, but the girls were able to grasp their roles and pour most of the youth there to make their respective roles, Moametal, and Moametal. It was cut off.

This is the appearance of BABYMETAL so far.

I’m worried about

I closed a kind of “heat exchange meeting” between the artists and the audience.

Wouldn’t BABYMETAL return to “Self -self”? That means.

Perhaps “BABYMETAL” may be “Magical Time” for Suzuka Nakamoto and Kikuchi Taibo -san, so will the magic solve it during this “seal” period? ?

I am doing such fears.

So, in that sense, how would it be from the people of the fans to miss BABYMETAL on Twitter on Twitter or drag around Yuki Mizuno forever. ? I think.

I like themselves when they came as a mission without knowing what the meaning was, rather than those who poured their heart blood and kneaded them as a mission. If you feel the air from Tweet, it may be that the fan base is doing a very cruel treatment for them.

The opponent is a strange girl, both of them are beautiful, and maybe they have been released from the magic of having a good love and being BABYMETAL.

It is presumed that BABYMETAL’s fan base was mostly “non -mote” from a young age, so it seems that there are quite a few people who are not familiar with girls.

According to the latest information,

Kobametal has asserted that he is not interested in metaverse or NFT.

As it is a fact, it is common to recognize that BABYMETAL’s “Metal Verse” and The Another One are recognized as a company measure that has left Kobametal.

I am very convinced that Kobametal as a producer, but I do not think that the company’s company measures are 100%correct.

I hope that this flow will not solve the many “magic” that have been built up to now.

I would like to pay attention to BABYMETAL’s future from this.

something like that!


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