・ Scotland, England, and Wales’ old small hills and tumuli, and Lars in Ireland [with the ancient Irish earthworks] are also closely related to Little People.

・ When the dance is over, the Little People and others go through the magic door and quickly return to the underground world. The door closes quickly when the last one passes.

・ Few people have seen the queen of this fairy, which is so beautiful that it is unlikely to be in this world. The Little People’s clan each has a queen, but Mabu is the symbol of all the Little People.

・ Many of the true poets have the ability to see another world, and Break and Sherry also depict the fantastic queen with their fantastic works. In fact, many poets have visited a fairy country as a guest of Mabbu.

・ There are other lucky people who asked the mub. The 13th century bard Thomas and Knight Tam Lin are one of them. Both of them are the protagonists of Scottish’s old story songs based on the fairy.

・ Among the Little People, there is no other widely known, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Northern England, no other.

・ The lepla horn is about 3 to 45 cm tall and wears three pointed hats on green clothes.

・ Of the most well -known Little People’s clan, the most commonly seen in the world is the balls that shine in the color of the ball, the balls that emit a phosphorus, and the orbs of light.

・ There is no Little People who is more connected with humans as Brownie who helps agricultural work.

・ The most famous Browny is sung by a story song and has been handed down in a nursery rhyme called “Aiken Drum”.

・ The first rule for attracting Little People to stay at home is to keep the fireplace clean.

・ The fairies are those who love innocence, compassion, and proudly protect their children. So it’s no surprise to represent frequently in front of young children who can be said to be their alter ego.

・ If you want to see the fairy at once, you may want to start by looking for a clover.

(Irish Sea guard god IRISH SEA WATERGUARDIANS Man Island)

・ Water guardian fairy, or sea spirit. There is a man’s fairy and a female fairy, and it is beautiful, small, and is only a few centimeters long. We serve the sea god Mananan.

・ A generic term for fairies without wings.

(Anku Ankou Cornwall, Wales, Ireland)

・ Collect the soul of a newly died human with a black robe. Reaper, also called Okina of time.

(Anshey Court UNSEELIE COURT Scotland)

・ A creepy and evil fairy who has not been blessed by God. All evil fairies belong to the Anthealie Court. Sometimes fly in the sky, touch people, and become slaves.

(Anthropagai anthropophagi England)

・ According to England’s folk tales, these “human -eating tribes” have no heads and have a small brain in the groin. And the eyes are on the shoulder and the mouth is on the chest.

(Imp IMP)

・ Mischievous fairy, small devil. In the Middle Ages, it is another name for the familiar witch (witch).

(Wilbast UILEBHEIST Shetland Islands, Oakney Islands)

・ Sea guards around the island. It appears in a sea monster and a sea dragon with a lot of heads.

(Woman of the Mist Woman of Themist England)

・ A fog woman. She appears in the form of an old woman picking up a twig on the roadside and disappears into the fog.

(Wayland Smith Wayland Smith England)

・ Wayland’s meaning of blacksmith. It is said to be the king of an elf living in a blacksmith in Wayland.

(Urishuks URISKS Scotland)

・ It’s messy and spicy, half body is human, and half body looks like a goat.

(ELYLLONS Cornwalls, Wales)

・ A small creature like an elf. It protects the territory of the lady in the lake that appears in the legend of Arthur.

(Elf elves)

・ The elf exists all over the world, but the English elf is a small, friendly, small fairy.

・ In Scotland, it is a little bigger, as tall as a human, and comes from the fairy country Elpheime and kills humans and kills livestock cows.

(Oberon Oberon)

・ The fairy king appearing in the legend of Arthur. It is also mentioned in Shakespeare’s “Summer Night Dream”. It is said that Tron, a terrible dwarf, turned into a handsome king.

(Thumb Tom THUMB)

・ The thumb Tom was originally part of the legend of King Arthur. A couple without children visited Merlin, a wizard. He later said that the woman was gone soon, but her child would not grow than her thumb size. In less than four minutes, he grew into an adult.

(Gancanaha GANCANAGH Ireland)

・ A man fairy, an elf, rarely seen. He has black eyes. If he wait in an unpopular lonely place, he will be a human woman. The woman falls in love with him, and eventually dies because of his heart.

(Grashan GLASHAN Man Island)

・ It is a fairy with a house on the Island, and is not wearing clothes and is strong. He especially helps farmers. A man’s fairy, sometimes violently human women.

(Glashtin GLASHTIN Man Island, Outer Hebridies Islands)

-The goblin that can be changed, appears in a handsome human man, and invites a young woman to hypnosis and invites the sea. And she eats her and eats her.

(Green Coat GreenCoaties Lincodanshire)

・ Among the fairy, those who have green skin or wear green clothes.

(Green Man Green Man)

・ A green man. It is drawn in the natural spirit of the green nature, with the heads covered with leaves and branches extending from the mouth.

(Griffon GRYPHONS Wales)

・ Wales’ fairy with horse’s head and goat body can speak all human languages.

(Corrigans Corrigans Cornwall)

・ He is a descendant of nine sacred druid monks in ancient Galia. A woman who is a woman who is a fountain around Tateishi. In the spring, they drink the secrets of poetry and wisdom with crystal goblets.

(Sallylandy Saleerandes Wales)

・ Welsh’s fairy hanging on the scale. It looks like a lizard of two legs. He is terrifying, but never harms humans.

(Sie SIDHE Ireland, Scotland)

・ In Gale in Ireland and Scotland, it refers to fairies.

・ She blends a cute girl and makes her bride -maid at their wedding, or a replacement child who puts a baby and puts a fairy child instead.

・ Sidhe was originally a word for gods, but later it was a word that refers to witches (witches), spirits, and supernatural beings. It is another name for burial mounds and tumuli where they are said to live.

(Sea Orgues Irish)

・ Play beautiful music, inspiration to musicians and poets, and invite humans into the swamp. It is usually friendly, but is known for being able to share children and replace them with fairy children. This child can only live one year.

(Shocks England)

・ Evil fairy and ghosts that can change their appearance.

・ It may be a human who has a donkey head and sometimes bite it neatly.

(Sprite SPRITES)

・ All spirits, souls and ghosts. A word that is used as a generic term for a fairy and refers to those who are not particularly visible, or who are really grateful.

(Sprigan Spriggans Cornwall)

・ A small fairy with a wrinkled face, works at night. I wear a red hat on a green clothes. It is said to be a human or giant ghost.

・ Reflect on a human baby and replace it with a terrifying fairy child.

(Serky Selkies Scotland, Oakney Islands)

・ It is a sea fairy similar to Murpoin (mermaid), and appears in a seal. They can take off the seals of seals and dance to the coast and dance in beautiful women and handsome men. Some people live in the human world, and when they are invited to live together in their world, they usually cannot be against their will. Called Silky.

(Tiles Tag TWLWYTH TEG Wales)

・ A blonde fairy wearing white clothes, lives underground or in a magical garden in the water. Even if you try to take something from there, it disappears. To dominate them, King Guidion and Queen Guenhydu. They live on the stars and appear at night. Sometimes a warm fire in the fireplace and gives a gift to a welcome house. It is said that if you exchange money with a fairy coin and try to use it, it will disappear.

(Tarans Tarans Scotland)

・ Like England’s sequins, it is the soul of children who cannot go to heaven and have not wandered on the ground forever.

(Dinshenhas DINNSHENCHHAS Ireland)

・ A dwarf that can change its appearance, serve the Irish fairy queen, Ane. He protects livestock cows and gets a grudge of a woman who has been violently or damaged by men.

(Dobie Dobie England)

・ Brownies that are kind and useful in northern England, but not very smart or fairy with a house.

(Driads Celtic country)

・ They taught druid monks about the magic of wood, the power of prophecy, and the secrets of Astral Travel. Also called “Druid Fairy”.

(Nucklavy NUCKLELAVEES Scotland)

・ Usually, half body is human, half body is horse, hair or skin is not.

(Nome Gnomes)

・ You can pass through the earth like a bird flying in the air, and you can live for a thousand years.

(Knocky Bo Knocky-Boh England)

・ It is also called Pogart or Polter Geist, hitting things and rattle on the back of the walls of the house and the wooden panel.

(Knops West Midland)

・ A terrible devil horse. Perhaps it was the origin of the Christian “Dead Day” (November 2).

(Higher / High Sprite Hyters / Hyter Sprites Lincahshire, East Anglia)

・ It is a fairy with a small, green eyes, so you can change its appearance. It often appears in birds.

(Baga Buggars)

・ A dangerous goblin that can change its appearance. Lives in the Astral world.

(Pack PUCK England)

・ Also called pork. A 크레이지슬롯 fairy in a forest country that loves mischief. It is drawn on the form of a clown, but blows a whistle and makes humans dance. Sometimes it appears in the figure of a horse, tricks a human and puts it on its back. In addition, it transforms into a child, an eagle, and a donkey, and the half body is human, the half body appears in a goat, like the god of the bread, and a whistle may be blown.

(Van in Bean-Fionn Irish)

・ “White women” living in lakes, streams, rivers, etc. Love the child into the water and dragon out.

・ It means a woman in a fairy hill, a peaceful woman. It is about the size of a human, wearing white clothes and hanging straight hair from her head with her hood.

・ The voice can be heard at night and is considered a sign of death.

(Ban Tee Bean-TighE Irish)

・ A fairy who works at home. It is very kind, like an old and small farmer. She lives in a fireplace like a Scottish brownie (especially prefers a descendant of a Milesian, a Celtic ancestor).

(Pixies Pixies)

・ It is a small ear, a small nose, a bow -shaped eyebrow, wearing a thin, shining feather, wearing green clothes, and wearing poisonous mushrooms and fogging hats.

・ Probably related to the indigenous Pict people in Scotland.

(Fir Darig Fir Darrig Irish, Scotland)

・ It is an ugly fat, hairy and dangerous fairy, and usually wears red -like clothes.

(Finnodderee Man Island)

・ The hairy fairy of Man, Brownie, has a long arm and incredibly powerful.

(Fil Volg FIR BOLG Ireland)

・ Those who lived in the swamp and dominated Ireland until Tuasa de Dannan was defeated. The first fairy tribe in Ireland. It is sometimes drawn in the form of a giant, but she usually wears red clothes about a meter.

(Fin Folk Fin Folk Scotland, Cornwall, Wales)

・ The people of the fins. It is a fairy of a person and does not harm but avoids people. According to the legend, a small number of chosen chosen led to the bottom of the Scottish lake built their kingdom Finfoka. The ideal hometown that has been covered with grass.

(Hixky Punk Hinky = PUNK Summer Set, Devon)

・ It is said that it has a light with a single foot and leads to a swamp. Similar to the Hanky ​​Punky found in corn wall.

(Fuer FUATH Ireland, Scotland)

・ It is a water fairy, usually evil. Similar to humans, they wear green clothes, but their bodies are covered with yellow hair. Sometimes humans are spouses.

(Pukaa PHOOKA Ireland)

・ It is a variety of hobs in Ireland. Half body is human, half body is a horse, old man wearing rags, goats, horses, dogs, bulls, eagle, etc. He helps agricultural work and powdering, but steals potatoes and babies on travelers.

(Boganod BWGANOD Wales)

・ Wales’ goblin can be transformed into any animal and human form. However, it can be only a little time at dusk. It is not dangerous, it does not harm humans.

(Puke Pouques Chennel Islands)

・ It is the same as England’s back and has a connection with the devil. He is short, powerful, hairy, ugly, and long arms.

(Fairy Fairy)

・ The fairy meaning.

(Fay Boulange Fäeu Boulangeer Gangnzy)

・ It appears in the form of a fireball.

(Fetch FETCH England, Scotland)

・ Raw spirit. A fairy of myself and Uri Firth. When you come across your own spirit, it is said that it is a preliminary touch of death. Similar to Doppelganger in Germany.

(Felish Ferish Island)

・ A fairy with a house that helps the harvest of crops. It is said that a human baby is replaced with a fairy child.

(Brownie BROWNIE Scotland)

・ Little Man, also called Brownie with a house.

Also, apart from the very clumsy Scottish Dobby, their clan has a high intelligence. Hobs in the UK, Dies in Denmark, Domovoy in Russia, Yumbo in North Africa, and Kao Pum Fai in China.

(Plant Squirrel Doven Plant RHYSDWFEN Wales)

・ Lisz The Deep’s clan. Honestly, kind, small and adorable fairy, lives in a country where Lis Duven, an invisible, is a sorting of a magical herb. Half is very honest and gentle with human blood. I live abundantly in the market.

(White Lady White Lady)

・ A white lady. It is also called ghosts and fairies. This spirit -like spirit is known as the spirit of the world, and is the guardian of the fountain, well, river, and bridges. Gwenhwyvar means a white ghost, in the original form, in the original form of GUINEVERE, which appears in the Legend of Arthur.

(Mermaid MERMAIDS Scotland, England, Ireland)

·mermaid. Maman, Mur People.

(Witch (witch) Witch)

・ Sometimes both hugs and fairies. He has a mysterious knowledge of magic power, herbs and medicines. If you cast a spell, you can fly in the sky across the stems of brooms and Sawagiku.

(Mub Mab Wales, England)

・ It is the best known as the Queen of Wales’ fairy and the goddess.

(Morgan Le Fe Morgan Le Fay)

・ According to the legend of Arthur, he is the ruler of Avalon. She is a beautiful and powerful water fairy and can be turned into any animal or bird. She took King Arthur, who is still out of breath, to Avalon.

(Yallery Brown Yallery Brown East Angria)

・ Probably the worst of the fairy.

(Ring Neck Wryneck Lankasher, England)

・ Evil spirit, fairy, which is said to be worse than the devil.

(Lady of the Lake Lady of the Lake)

・ Lady of lake. She is sometimes called Vivianne, Nimu, and Ninian. In the legend of King Arthur, she was a beautiful water fairy, raised a lancelot from her mother and raised a strong man in the underwater kingdom. And she gave a magical sword, Alondite.

(Robin Good Fellow Robin Goodfellow England)

・ Human male head, goat’s body.

(Robin Hood Robin Hood England)

・ I live in the forest and wear green clothes. Steal from wealth and help poverty. It can be considered a real person, but it will be a natural spirit.

“Legend of the World and Wonder Picture Book”

Sarah Bartlet Excnage 2015/2/25

・ The most common witness information of UFO is in the southwestern United States, but the UFO is flying in the sky in places such as Baragoran Valley in Australia and Saint Clements in Chile far away from it.

・ It is one of the most famous UFO cases in the unraveled UFO.

・ The eerie shaking that hit this quiet town was a sign of a series of UFO witnesses.

・ In the 1970s, the residents of the Waors of the remote village were convinced that what they saw was UFO.

・ It is said that the forest administrator encountered a huge sphere. Many people think that this story contains a little truth.

・ One morning in 1561, in this town in northern Germany, it was as if the stars had begun war above the sky.

・ It is said that thousands of cross -shaped, cylindrical, and spherical objects were flying around the sky.

In 1990, two super -speed jet fighter F16 tracked a spaceship -like object flying over Belgium.

・ The disk -shaped object that appeared in the sky of the Marumara was floating without sound, and crossed the sky at high speed.

・ The strange light ball that frequently appears in this Norwegian valley also bothering hard UFO suspicions.

・ After a strange light was seen in the sky, an unidentified flying object appeared.

・ In June 1947, witnesses in the UFO case said that they had been stopped by a “dark man”.

・ They came across a huge monster with a red face and an orange eye 5m tall.

・ The power spot in the Arizona desert attracts not only various New Age followers but also UFOs.

・ Extremely powerful magnetic fields and spots with energy waves called Vortex, this area, known for various “power”, has a reputation for tourists who are interested in mystery and spiritual things, but want to see UFOs. And many tourists.

・ In January 2012, the camera was captured by the camera that large fresh green objects flew from the south and left at high speed to the direction of Navaho Hopp. In the same month, a flying object with exactly the same shape was witnessed near the secret canyon. Such a witness may have been around 20,000 to 50,000 years ago.

・ Rumors that UFOs appear most frequently is the sky above the Belllock. Berlock is a strange rocky mountain south of Sedona, and is said to have an “high -dimensional” energy, especially if aliens are concentrated. During the day, lens clouds (lens -type cumulatics similar to the shape of a flying disk) are frequently seen, but in the local area, it is said that this kind of cloud is formed when spacecraft enters the atmosphere. Many UFO fans believe that Sedona is a spacecraft.

・ On December 2nd, aliens came into contact with Walters again. This time, in the backyard of my home, there was a small creature with big black eyes.

・ A small town Gulfbreeze has attracted the world’s attention in the experience of encountering aliens.

・ A mysterious sphere was witnessed in Cleevand, but this was not the first UFO to appear.

<5 major UFO hot spots in southwestern United States>

(1) Marfa, Texas: Famous for the mysterious phenomenon called “Murfallite”.

(2) Revellland, Texas: A cigar -shaped object that emits dazzling light is heading.

③ Vinyl Woods, Texas: Encounter diamond -shaped UFO.

④ Arizona Turkey Springs: Kidnapped by an alien.

⑤ Stevenville, Texas: Some information was about the size of the UFO, and some had a total length of 1.6 km. Many have testified that military aircraft had tracked UFO format.

-The UFO incident, which had the largest controversy in American history, began with a storm that hit New Mexico. Roswell became world -famous in the UFO case.

・ The news of the flying disk has attracted attention from all over the world. Even now, many people think that the Roswell case is the largest concealment of the US government.

・ Witnesses said they saw an egg -shaped spacecraft.

There is a rumor that there is a government secret base in the basement of the Hikarira Apache Indian reserved area, and that alien genetic research is being conducted. It is said that the captured alien is housed for experiments such as clone production. Considering the confidentiality of what is being done, the people who work there are those who have a post of the National Reconnaissance Bureau, which are the intelligence agencies of the Defense Ministry of Defense.

・ Are scientists at the secret base of this Air Force repeated experiments using the captured UFOs and aliens?

・ Details of this place are still considered to be a high -level national secret, and the surrounding airspace, as well as private aircraft, is constantly prohibited.

There is a theory that aliens use this base to make hybrid species for human and aliens.

For example, in 1989, scientist Bob Lazard was involved in the disassembly of the captured flying disk at an area 51 related facilities. A mechanical engineer, who worked in Area 51 in the 1950s, said in a documentary film, along with an alien called J -Rod, helping to develop a disk -flying simulator device in the base. Dan Klein, who once worked here, had met J -Rod and testified that he had made a completely unknown virus clone at the base.

・ Sun Clemente, a former town, was a peaceful town at the foot of the Andes. But now, UFO witness information is featured in the media every day. In Chile, aliens -themed meetings are held every year, so UFO hunters around the world come. San Clemente is a place called the “Sacred Land of UFO”.

・ If you visit, it is said that the UFO witness report on the Andes Mountain will peak every year in December. It’s at the height of summer.

・ Intense light appeared on the house of Marakai Bo, and all residents of the house became seriously ill. It was a severe radiation impairment.

・ There is an interesting theory that the origin of this mysterious giant building is involved in extraterrestrial creatures.

・ More than 200 students and teachers have been nailed to the UFO, which is hovering directly above the playground.

・ During the last 50 years, many strange cases have been reported in this area, including up to more than 600 UFO witness information and being exposed to aliens.

・ A place where heaven and earth meet.シャスタ山にはアメリカ先住民の伝説に登場する「偉大なる精霊」が住まっている。

・ また、さまざまな新興宗教団体もこの山に惹きつけられてきた 。平和と調和を求めて山に登る人々や、UFOを探しにやってくる人もいる。 シャスタ山は別世界への入口だと考える神秘主義者や、ここから魔法の力が湧いてくると考える人々もいる。

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