#4 years in small meeting

When you reach Taipa Village, you will see a familiar yellow mural. There are still long lines of almond cookies, Seradura cafes, and more KOI KEI beef jerky shops. The old house between moving is also unfamiliar, and the murals we saw again in four years were nice as if we were back to the old neighborhood. How many changes in the world? It is difficult to expect the old appearance in the development of the city. As I traveled to Kuala Lumpur and Phuket, I witnessed the difficulty of developing, and I was relieved for some reason that Macau’s old Tipa streets remained the same. Walking along the winding streets, walking along this road came out of a quiet temple, and it was hard to climb the stairs. Whether she knows 크레이지슬롯 her mother’s mood, Milki just smells her alleys and smells snacks. Next time, when you come back to Macau, you will remember this moment.

#Pao 猪扒 猪扒 猪扒

I think the most delicious snack that Milki family eats in Macau is ‘Jupap Pao’. Yogi meat sandwiches are fried with pork ribs and have no sauce or vegetables, but addictive flavors. I ate Pao in many places, and I stopped by the Century Cafe, which has been guarding Taipa for a long time. The main store of Century Cafe, which has a vintage feeling, was very cool. Waiting for the bread quietly, the people watching the TV, the locals and tourists are mixed, but everyone feels excited about the delicious smell. Looking at the milk tea filled with the refrigerator, I think of the owner’s hard work for decades. The old telephones, the blank milk bottle with a dull flowers, wants to tell you the real appearance of Sogon Sogon and Macau.

#The point where art meets

I can see what I can see in the eyes of the jerky streets, which I see as a tourist, and I found the works of local artists. I didn’t want to buy a simple souvenir. I was very curious about the process of transforming the city and history and traditions of Macau, which is interpreted by the eyes of local artists. I was able to check the one side at the gallery and art shops I met at Taipa Village.

We have seen props made of panda characters and props that make use of the characteristics of Macau architecture. The illustration of the Fanta family is the main, but the Portuguese pattern and stained glass are strangely combined to see the color of Macau. I bought a set of picture postcards that warmly made Macau’s landscape with watercolors. I looked at this postcard on Milky’s return plane and talked, “I went here ~”. At the Art Gallery, which is located in the alley a little out of the main street, I saw a street art exhibition. On one side, I was able to take a stamp with Macau’s cultural ruins.

Unlike four years ago, when I first traveled to Macau, Typa’s distance I met as a mother showed another aspect. It’s still busy and the construction is not ceased, but it seems to be remembered as a fun place like a treasure hunt.

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