The hardware was also announced on the other day’s WWDC2022, the meaning of the two MacBooks equipped with M2. Two MacBooks. Moreover, it is equipped with the M2, the second -generation chip of Apple Silicon, which debuted in 2020 and swept the industry in a blink of an industry.

For the time being, I 카지노 think it is much more powerful than I use the 8th generation Intel Core i3.

In the predecessor’s “M1, 2020” model, the main body design was a conventional carryover. However, this notebook, equipped with a powerful Apple Silicon “M1”, quickly became a huge hit. And this time, with the latest design body, it will be equipped with the latest Apple Silicon “M2”. The display was so narrow that the “notch” was attached, but it was 8GB memory on 256GB SSD, from 164,800 yen (tax included).

At the same time, the 13 -inch MacBook Pro, which was announced from the lineup. Already, the 14 -inch and 16 -inch models are equipped with super -powerful Apple Silicon such as M1 Pro and M1 MAX, and are finished in a super -powerful notebook PC with a minired internal organs, but left in the lineup. The model was sold together without disappearing. In addition, this time, the main body design and housing are the same, and the only difference is “M2 installation”. The price is also equipped with 8GB memory in 256GB SSD, and will be sold from 178,800 yen (tax included). However, unlike the high -ranking PRO model, it is not compatible with miniled, HDMI terminals and SD card slots, and somehow the remaining Touchbar (laughs). This new M2 MacBook Pro has a bad reputation in the Internet area. I guess it just came out to enhance the M2 MacBook Air, which debuted with Apple’s expectations. The MacBook Air starts at 164,800 yen, how much M1 MacBook Air will be sold in the lineup and sold together, isn’t it too high from 134,800 yen? Well, I understand that this has a significant impact of the weak yen. The 14 -inch Pro model costs 270,000 yen. In that sense, 13 inches can be said to be “cheap” and you can get a Pro model, but I’m a little worried about half -finished specifications. By the way, if I want to buy in the current MacBook lineup …

A hanging model of M1 MacBook Air. Alternatively, if you increase the storage to 512GB, it will be 162,800 yen and will be the same price as the M2 Air. A hanging model of M1 MacBook Air. Alternatively, if you increase the storage to 512GB, it will be 162,800 yen and will be the same price as the M2 Air. How do you think of the 30,000 yen gap, but if you want to buy it as a sub -machine, you’ll think that the M1 model is enough. I think that the difference can be updated for equipment or to purchase the application.

It is a great M2 MacBook Pro 13 -inch model. It is a great M2 MacBook Pro 13 -inch model. To be honest, the price difference of 100,000 yen with 14 inches is too large, so why not choose this with expandability and design? If there are 100,000, I would like to spend other expansion equipment funds. The design is more stylish than the thick and rugged top PRO model. I don’t know because I have never used Touch Bar, but is it so terrible? I think this is the last chance that I left in this M2 Pro. Well, we introduced this new MacBook Air and Pro. But M2 Air is cool. I want to see the actual machine.
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• Read the Mac everyone’s Apple together, and at the same time, the 13 -inch MacBook Pro, which thought it would disappear from the lineup. | 2022-06-08 03:37 | Apple (Mac, iPhone, etc.) | Comments () << iPhone 13 Mainichi ⑨ ~ Purchase ... WWDC2022 ~ New O ... >>

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