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Corona 19 Virus Korea IMF Economy Industry Changes

Episode 09 COVID-19 Causes and Effects and Countermeasures

Wuhan Ball Corona 19 Virus Craze

Wuhan Ball Corona 19 virus, which began at the end of last year, is suffering from all countries around the world as well as China, which is the origin.

Recently, the flu and fashion viruses have been filtered out, but there are slightly different patterns from this Covid-19.

The recent virus trend is a good example of the SARS New Influenza MERS, but it is different from Wuhan Corona.

In addition, the response to these fashions was different, and the concerns about national proliferation were the same, but it was not developed in a crisis situation throughout the country, and of course, in the case of SARS, even though it was upgraded to the serious stage, it was very different from the current situation. It was a buzz.

Even though there were nervous aspects of the virus or influenza in the past, tensions and anxiety did not come in all areas.

In the case of Wuhan Corona, which is rapidly transmitted in a short time, the diffusion speed is very fast despite blocking through protection, and it is still clear how Covid-19 is spread to us from Wuhan.

At the moment when the virus was successfully shined through thorough defense, a certain religious person also poured out in a certain hospital, and it began to be recognized in the international community as a country that avoided more than 5,000 confirmed. did.

Although it has not yet been calmed down due to government defense authorities, voluntary medical personnel, and the local government’s efforts, some successful defense, blocking efforts, and minimization of the damage have peaked and some occurrence has fallen. It’s anxious.

In addition, there has been no clear epidemiological survey results, but as the infection of Covid-19 is considered the main cause of the respiratory tract, a mask disruption occurs and a mask is secured as a daily challenge or the complaints of the people who have not purchased it. Anxiety is getting bigger.

Looking at the reality that Corona 19 is changing the paradigm of our lives, we will explore the causes of the occurrence and spread of the nose that started in Wuhan and seek about the effects and countermeasures on our society.

Wuhan Corona 19 virus occurrence and exploration of the cause of spread

The occurrence of Wuhan Covid-19 is not yet clear because of the exact information disclosure of the Chinese government authorities.

Even China does not limit the areas itself to Wuhan, and it is pointing to Wuhan, a third region or country.

The problem of the occurrence area is recognized as Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, and estimates the cause of the occurrence.

It is the primary viral medium, which is the same as SARS, and it is known to be infected with people through the first medium, through the first mediator, through Cheonsan Gap, a favorite ingredient for people in Wuhan.

This primary cause is not clearly disclosed and confirmed by the genetic factor of the virus. As Tiansan Gap is used as food materials, it is judged that the rapid infection of the multi -citizen’s citizens has been infected in the market.

As the spread of Wuhan proceeded in concealment without rapid blockage, it spread throughout China and further spread to Hong Kong, Macau Southeast Asia, 카지노게임사이트 the Middle East, and Europe.

We have not yet confirmed the exact route in the case of China, which has seriously brought secondary radio waves.

There are only a few estimates, especially the government points out some religions.

However, this fact is also estimated at this time, and the exact identification of inflow should be focused on defense and minimization, but if the situation is stable, it must be confirmed and the propagation should be accurately managed after death.

It is true that at this time, Wuhan Corna went into Korea through any cause.

Firstly, the exact task of accurate quarantine for all people and goods flowing into Korea is the obligation and responsibility for the state.

Therefore, it is a separate issue that has been spread to the specificity of religious consciousness of some religious groups, and it is necessary to ask for legal moral responsibility, which is not cooperative in disasters and the cause of inflow.

Therefore, the primary responsibility for the spread of the Corona crisis should be held by government authorities that carry out quarantine missions.

Perhaps the government’s blockage and preemptive optimism theory may be the most fatal cause of this situation.

The effect of Covid-19

The Republic of Korea, facing the disaster situation that has not been experienced earlier, has its own way of dealing with unison and orderly.

However, it is necessary to clearly point out whether the government has made accurate diagnosis and the advice of expert groups in terms of raising the issuance stage by the situation of the government, and seriously about the procurement and distribution system of materials in the crisis situation. It seems that re -exploration should be done.

Increasing factors in comprehensive areas, such as national anxiety and the fall of the isolated state image in the international community of the economy, should be found and thoroughly prepared and responded to the situation that will occur in the future.

56 Increase of national anxiety

As mentioned earlier, there was a problem with the time, means, and procedural stability through social consensus.

In response to the contradictory response that responded so quickly, the people were in anxiety and confusion, especially in the mask supply process.

If President Moon Jae -in is published in the media, it is not necessary to express the anxiety that the whole people feel in the field. When anxiety hits society, it becomes anomi. It falls into the overall panic state and begins to occur individuals or collectively.

Eventually, it will reduce the efficiency of the response by making the people unstable, and to create social conflicts such as disgust and avoidance of hoarding or certain areas. It is also true that some of these things are already appearing.

Korea’s economic retreat

Even if you are not an economic expert, it is not so good to look around us around us.

The market closes and people do not go to the streets. It has been a long time since the many guests cut their feet in the restaurant.

However, the place where the breath is alive is that the delivery industry is successful in the non -contact distribution area.

If you check with the shops around you, the number of stops in which the business is interrupted for a certain period of time is said to be less than 30% of the usual sales.

In the end, labor costs are inevitable, and factories are closing due to contact between materials and confirmed, and as the raw materials tend to intensify, the manufacturing industry is being suspended due to the blocking of inflow in all industrial areas.

After all, this year’s economic growth rate is likely to worsen much more than expected.

These results can be said to be a crisis situation of the desperation that can be pushed into the swamp, which can deteriorate the national income level and reduce consumption into the swamp.

International isolation and image fall

Covid-19 occurred in China, but the phenomenon that is isolated from the international community is toxic.

Almost half of the countries are isolated in the international community, such as restricting entry or enforcing forced isolation.

There is even a tendency to avoid government factors, and the name of Korea and disgust of people are being made everywhere.

The government’s response to this situation is also unfortunate. Even though I had to recognize the problem through diplomatic relations faster and have had enough diplomatic relations and understanding, I missed the opportunity.

This can lead to national isolation and further lead to the loss of national image.

The image of the state will be very direct and deadly on issues such as diplomacy and trade between countries, which will affect the rookie of the state in the long run, and eventually retreat in the international community.

As mentioned earlier, the intangible social costs that result in social anxiety can not be converted into values, but by causing psychological stress tension and conflict anxiety, it disappears the trust and tolerance needed for society and further amplifying conflicts. It will cost the country as a whole.

Through this process, it can cause tangible damage in addition to intangible costs by disconnecting social relations and causing assault or violence.

It is a good example to be assaulted because people who do not suppress extreme anxiety and do not use masks cough, or to sprinkle disinfectants while a certain area is away.

COVID-19 Countermeasures

In a word, an invisible enemy and a war of war can be feared than the existing enemies and fear because of the fact that the opponent’s reality is not clear and invisible. The government proclaims a war with the Corona 19 virus in terms of war, and gathers all its capabilities and energy to prevent protection and confirmation. Nevertheless, the spread of the proliferation is not stopped.

At this point, the tasks that the government, citizens, and companies need to do to overcome and overcome the virus must exist, and I think that these disasters will be able to overcome these disasters earlier when these things are operated as a whole.

The most difficult and hardest situation in the war with the current virus is that all the people are in fear and anxiety.

The spread of fear psychology causes anxiety, which leads to various forms of non -formal and unreasonable phenomena, which can be extremely confusing. This expansion of anxiety can be dispelled by the government authorities by properly controlling the changes in the situation, actively informing the people and spreading action tips in real time. Proper control and promotion of the crisis situation should accurately recognize the facts of infections and have specific and practical behavioral rules for it.

Covid-19’s clear penetration and spreading paths have not yet been clearly identified. The government is obliged to quarantine as a subject to protect the lives and safety of the people. It is necessary to thoroughly identify and take responsibility for what kind of path it has spread through the church called Shinchonji.

Over the years, the outbreak of these viruses will add frequency. For the future, accurate paths and measures should be prepared.

Active steel of social weak

Watching the Corona situation, things that could not be laughed were happened everywhere.

There were many hours of unknowing dramas, such as the end of the queue to buy a mask, and the confirmed person was hiding in the queue to buy a stretched behavior or mask. But it’s not just a smile. How urgent, anxious and urgent would it have happened? But behind these things, there are people living in various parts of the socially, such as the elderly living alone, the disabled, and the boy and girl head of the family living alone. They are source of blind spots in these areas. In this crisis situation, institutional devices that can be supplied with policy measures for the weak should be prepared.

4. Thorough monitoring and control of disaster materials such as masks

Corona changed our daily life. It is a mask disruption that was not even in Sas and Mars.

And all the people start and finish the day wearing a mask.

In addition to the shortage of disinfectants, as well as the lack of prevention clothes, many disasters related to disasters have been depleted and depleted. The government’s relaxed policies also contributed, but in this crisis, the materials were taken out and the phenomenon of selling shops caused this phenomenon. The government is correcting illegal situations through strong surveillance and control, but from the beginning of the situation, the government had to thoroughly check the necessary materials, check the volume, and prepare a management plan. This is also a pity. It is like a comedy that the mask shortage is caused by the decision to support China with a large amount of masks, and the large -scale confirmed person is pouring out. It is a failure of a policy due to the government’s comfort.

Preparation of practical alternatives such as social distance

The lack of materials is considered to be impossible for arithmetic sufficient supply, even though it is currently in consideration of Korea’s product production capacity. It is absolutely lacking considering our population because it is a quantity of 1000-13 million copies per day. The government promoted the public, saying that it was possible to supply sufficient masks while conducting a table administration without grasping the impossible mask supply in the first place, and the media recommended to write a mask.

As a result, the people chased the mask and invested a long time from dawn.

If the lack of situation is predicted correctly, the feasible methods should be known to the people. For example, no one needs to use a mask, but it is necessary to find, promote and implement realized alternatives, such as a certain distance, external activity restraint, or recommendation to prohibit access to the confirmed area in the infected area.

National enforcement of drive -through methods for rapid sample confirmation

Although some local governments have already implemented a plan to quarantine in the cars recommended by the Society for Contests, the Daegu -Gyeongbuk region, which is the main area of ​​infection, will need to consider this method. Suspicious people are convenient, and the screening clinic that performs quarantine can also be easy to treat, and it is a way to promote psychological stability by waiting with the vehicle.

In the future, it is judged to be a way to actively introduce and apply to the quarantine of these viruses.

7. Increasing the awareness of participation in all construction areas of construction

During the COVID-19, there were some unpleasant things of the government and some unpleasant things, such as hawks and theft of some products, but nevertheless, through voluntary support and participation in numerous areas such as medical staff in each company or general citizen’s regions. The overcoming crisis is the driving force to end and overcome the corona crisis early. Perhaps this awareness of participation can be a driving force for overcoming a much larger crisis than the budget or the support of goods.

The perception of overcoming psychological anxiety can be called a vitality that makes crisis an opportunity.

I think this is true of a true Korea.