From this morning, I covered the start of the Apple Watch at the Apple Store Omotesando. I was able to cover the actual try -on experience, and I installed about 4 types of Apple Watch. 42mm, it’s not too big, it’s a good size.

Apple Watch Sport of amazing lightness, Apple Watch, which is easy to support ON, wants to look at the texture of the digital crown, and a metal link bracelet that can be easily adjusted, and Milane Seloop with a fascinating fit.

Try it on to see a lot. Omotesando has a large number of slots, so I think you can experience it with a relatively short waiting time.

I think many people go to try on the Apple Watch for the first time and go on a trial on with the momentum that can be confirmed, but as a result, for 15 minutes, we will talk with the clerk about Apple Watch through fitting. You can look back when it was an experience.

If you try it on while talking, I think you can understand the product deeply and give a very deep experience and impression. Especially for potential customers who want to buy Apple Watch or higher, it will be more effective than a cool 더존카지노 commercial.

Of course, you have to have space such as Apple Store, which you can experience close, but it may be a benchmark as a new experience of technology. Personally, I thought that it was very fresh as an experience at the Apple Store.


I feel a typhoon with the wind blowing …

By the way, after installing the new ACUVANCE ESC RAD in the FR-D V6 SP, the main TOKYO E-DRIFT CIRCUIT, Faster circuit

I ran with Kazo VEGA, which I don’t go very much ♪

After the RAD, the throttle feeling was good and the throttle operation was born and the range of operations was expanded ♪ It is easy to match the roads and layouts of various 더나인카지노 circuits ( ^ ^) Especially drift control is excellent. I think that it will surpass Xarvis XX. The set itself is also a little bit folk, but it will change in an easy -to -understand manner, so it is easy to set up ♪ The new ESC RAD that will be a standard in the future is recommended ヽ (≧ ▽ ≦) ノ