Soho is on the second floor of the City of Dreams Hotel.

On the second evening, I went to Soho for a drink and found an unlimited edition of unlimited 식. It was amazing and fun.

In summary, the food was not fresh than I thought, but it was unlimited to fried, desserts, drinks, and draft beer, and the staff were kind, so it was okay to solve dinner and beer at once. It is at 11 o’clock at night, so the order is closed before 10:30.

But this is not the place I want to introduce in this article. Soho’s on the same floor. On the last day, it was a restaurant that ate the last meal before going to the airport with the impression of the House of Dancing Water.

It is a chain restaurant opened by singer Likuchin and Alantam.

I ordered jajangmyeon, chili sauce chicken, and pork barbecue dim sum.

Pork Barbecue Dim Sum is a food that my sister liked during the Canadian training, and it was very nice to say that it is not common in Korea. The white and fluffy bread contains sweet barbecue sauce, which was very good.

When Jajangmyeon arrived at our table, it was quite embarrassing. It was to pour the broth and eat it, but it didn’t look delicious at all. I was surprised by the unexpected taste of the chopsticks carefully. It was very unique. The first taste is spicy, but it is sweeter than eating. We chose this jajangmyeon as the most delicious food on this trip. As I shared that bowl, I turned around three times, “Wow, this is really delicious.” Each person has a different taste, but most Koreans are all satisfied so that the jajangmyeon is more delicious than the Wantang 코인카지노 noodles of Wongchikei.

Chili sauce fried chicken was too many bones to use chicken ribs. People who are in a hurry like me continue to eat small bones that are irritable. I spit it out, eat it and spit it. Nevertheless, it cannot be stopped. It’s a really attractive food. Spicy and salty chicken dishes that can be eaten while taking the annoyance of bone pieces.

The article about Starz Kitchen is not searched much. In particular, Macau branches were about three blogs and one of them was criticized. We were very satisfied with our choice so that we would recommend the blogger to eat these menus.

Next time, when I came to Macau, I came back to this place and decided to eat again with these menus.

Even if you have one car, there are a lot of quantity, so the three left.

Restaurants are really subjective, so don’t believe in all writings. Even though the writer is sincerely written with a back -pro, it may not fit someone’s taste, and I have experienced it, so I am careful to attach it to the title.

Nevertheless, those who are disappointed in the tang noodles of Wong Chikei, like me, are sure to try Jajangmyeon this place carefully but strongly.

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