Good evening! It’s M ^^

Thank you very much for visiting the store today!

The lump was related to the new platform in the day of the week!

I personally felt that it was Ultrijee ^^

By the way, Unit 6.5 introduced this week!

Did you touch it? ?

At the affiliated store, I was showing a lot of explosions approaching the platform from the first day of the introduction.

In our shop Yamato Marine, I haven’t been to the vicinity yet,

Still, it shows off the exceptional performance!

3,000, 4,000, 5,000 copies are spitting out.

Maybe it’s quite close to the performance of Unit 5! ?

Please try it at our shop Marine!

After all pachinko is Eva! Eva as usual! Anyway Eva!

Of course, Unicorn & Fafner is 크레이지슬롯 also working hard,

After all Eva moves in an exceptional movement!

If you hit Eva, we strongly recommend our shop ☆

Fafner in the Azure 3exodus

Super Azure 3800ver

The new stand information is TOUCH!

Shin Basilisk ~ Koga Ninpocho ~

The new stand information is TOUCH!

Komakoma Club with Sumi Sakamoto 99ver

The new stand information is TOUCH!

☆ Our signboard model ☆

Roar to the future of Eva

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

I will thoroughly deepen! !

Once you can play, you should be convinced! !

Even those who only play slots take this opportunity

Please play with Yamato Marine’s pachinko.

Roar to the Future of the Neon Genesis Evangelion

TOUCH for the stand information!

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

TOUCH for the stand information!

You can play more! fun! !

Light middle

Come thank you! !

↓ ↓ Maximum introduction of the region ↓ ↓

PF Senki Chogi Symphogear 2s

↑↑ Maximum introduction of the region ↑↑

TOUCH for the stand information!

Light middle! !

Easy to play is breaking through! ! !

Easy to play x satisfaction

A certain science ultra -electromagnetism

Information is TOUCH for information!

Just a blow! Think about a blow!

In an environment where Moe pachinko is also replaced and easy to take! !

Moe Kyun is inevitable!

★ SLOT lineup ★


Eva soul resonance

Madoka Magica Rebellion Story

Theatrical version Madoka ☆ Magica Front and rear


I spent my life in NZ (local winter) and Hakuba in winter, but moved to Singapore in 2021. My hobbies are cooking and eating, and living in the countryside (although I came to the city). Recently, we are on a loose sugar off -diet. by BlueCheese_jp




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