Due to the review of the system, the Minister of Justice Yoshihisa Furukawa will set up an expert meeting later this year.

On July 29, the government announced that it would review the “technical training system” in which foreigners worked while working. It will set up an expert meeting within the year and start a concrete discussion of review. In response, comments flooded on the Internet such as news sites and SNS. [Toshiyuki Inoue / IT journalist]


Most of them, including experts and celebrities, were a negative stance in the “technical training system” itself, and the majority of them were seeking abolition and changes to a new mechanism instead of reviewing.

Even if you summarize the main opinions

“Change the modern slavery that has borrowed the name of international contribution, and the disposable system of low -wage use of foreign workers.”

“Insert a scalpel in the Japanese industrial structure that is eager to accumulate internal reserves and disposes not only Japanese non -regular employees but also foreigners.”

“Immediately abolish the system that leads to immigrants.”

The majority of criticisms were quite intense, and the voices that wanted to survive after revising the system were not noticeable.

I read the thousands of comments attached to each of the articles distributed by each station, and watched the writing of SNS that flows without interruption, and although there was no part to be affirmed, most did not resonate. 。

Probably because they are not knowing the actual situation and writing based on the news of the incidents caused by foreign trainees and the impressions of articles published online.

A chreamed institutional design than an image

From August to November of last year, I was a legitimate staff member for the acceptance and support of foreign technical intern trainees and recruitment and support to the practical training. As one of the few Japanese groups, he was qualified to receive a set training, and became a person in charge of employment.

The work itself was very interesting, but not only did foreigners have to enter and leave due to corona, but the unauthorized state of the group continued to resume, resulting in an unauthorized situation. He has been spare time in the shallow order of the year, and unfortunately he has retired.

Despite three months, it begins to submit documents to ministries and related organizations that are in charge, regular interviews with apprentices and receptionists, irregular consultations from apprentices, and sudden occurrence. I did various troubleshooting and what I needed to do.

From that point of view, the technical training system is not so bad that both the design philosophy and the actual site are extremely abusive.

However, there are always those who hide behind and abuse the system, and the discovery is not easy, and crackdowns take more time and manpower than expected.

According to my actual experience, there are roughly six problems in the technical training system, and there is one problem if you can easily tweak the system without knowing the actual situation.

The existence of the hidden “anti -shrine”

The 6 problems are

[1] Misunderstandings and troubles due to unfamiliar ways to speak, how to speak, not words

[2] An antisocial person is getting into the supervision organization and its surroundings.

[3] There are quite a few suspicious organizations in the transmitting institution in the trainee’s home country.

[4] Some Japanese acceptance companies try to buy and hit apprentices

[5] Some apprentices have a situation where they have to leave their homeland.

[6] There are many trainees in Japan in Japan, and there are a certain number of people who are gambling, games, and customs only in Japan.

──, one of the troubles is the ruin of small and small companies that support Japan.

The six problems are intertwined with each other, and there are cases where it is inevitable that it is a part of the problem, but as a result of human rights violations or slaves. It is true that there is a serious problem in that sense, but it is too fast to put it on the whole and do not.

First, let’s unravel the actual situation.

It is said that the supervision organizations that accept and arrange foreign technical interns are non -profit and have about 4,000 nationwide. Of these, about 1800 have been reported to the Foreign Technical Training Organization (OTIT) (as of August 8, 2022).

“Low wage” is a lie

Some of them include places where local human resource dispatching companies have just started as new businesses, and in reality, where they are replaced by a specific company, handling practical trainees in units of hundreds. There are limited supervision organizations that are being placed.

I belonged to about 300 apprentices from Vietnam and China (including some, including specific technical intern trainees) to local companies in Kanto, China, Kyushu, and Okinawa. It was a supervision organization that could be said to be doing widely.

It is not easy to receive a determined audit or certification and continue as an supervisory organization. The first day of work was that the audit from Otit was strict, and if there was any suspicion or unknown that there was a duty of reporting, it would not be rare to be packed over a few days.

In the first place, the formulation of the daily training plan, the application, and the monthly report creation are slightly closer, so there is no chance to be distracted.

The fact that “wages are cheaper than Japanese because they are foreign trainees” are not correct.

Certainly, there are cases where foreigners are used as low wages as workers. But it’s not a regular system in the regular system, nor is the recognized supervision organizations or most recipients. This is the case that we actually contacted will be described later.

Rigorous examination

Regarding wages, at the stage of accepting apprentices, the minimum wages of the prefectures with the acceptance companies, and the achievements paid to Japanese employees with the same profession, and are at least comparable to be inferior. Must be described.

If you create a practical training plan to accept 1 yen at a lower wage than those, you will be immediately turned back from the ministries of the ministry, where the documents are immediately interior.

It is not possible to actually pay as cheaply as Japanese people only when submitting must be kept and disclosed a copy of the wage ledger of the acceptable company on a monthly basis and disclosed it as needed.

Occasionally, family -owned companies have a wage ledger, and there are days when they are vaguely written. I forgot the description itself because of the busyness, and I forgot that the work was stopped in a hurry due to weather and equipment, etc., and that is the reason for that.

If there is an ambiguous description or suspicious point, the person in charge of the supervision organization will directly check the reason and rewrite it accurately. Otherwise, the supervision organization will be deducted during audit.

In this way, detailed checks are required for wage payments, from the amount decision to the payment status, and both supervision organizations and acceptance companies do not cheat.

Influence of Corona evil

If there are apprentices who are working at wages lower than Japanese workers (although they are “former trainees”), they will be mogli without exception. In other words, the problem is not a foreign technical training system, but an abuse behind the system.

By the way, Vietnamese and Chinese are in charge of on -site support and support. There are three Japanese fields, including the author.

Before Corona’s evil, I often heard that it was quite fluttering in patrols to recruitment companies, irregular business negotiations, and troubleshooting, but when I entered, in addition to the author, in addition to the writer, I was on the phone and e -mail. The exchange was the main.

If you visit the other party in a patrol or business negotiation, you can communicate with the apprentices with your feet, or you can directly care.

However, from the same country, the opportunity to face the same language with the person in charge of the same language has been loosened by the fact that the opportunity to face the same language has become loosened, causing unprecedented troubles.

Escalated “bullying”

The first is “how to speak, how to speak”.

The trainees are practicing work in the business, factories, fields, nursing care, and anyway. Most of the time, as well as the procedures and ways of movement, are mostly required, so you can’t speak kindly or speak to instructions on the spot at that time. In some cases, it can be a strong tone or speaking style using craftsmanship and dialects.

However, especially trainees who have just entered the site perceive that they are always scolded. It is received that not only the person who was told, but also the trainees in the same place were scolded.

It is not unusual for the person to be motivated, but also develops into bullying from a colleague’s trainee. As an inferior disturbance, it is a target of daily rabbit.

Workplace bullying is possible everywhere in Japan, because teachers are held in teachers’ rooms.

However, when it comes to apprentices, not only the home country is different, but there are also differences in the air and temperament if the country is the same, even if the country is the same. If you know the circumstances of your country and neighboring countries, and if you know that the person in charge of the supervision organization you get along, you will not intensify, but if you do not come first, bullying and fights are easy to escalate. 。

Apprentice living environment

Today, tomorrow, the same place, the dormitory is the same (or close range), the relationship will worsen in geometric classes.

In fact, there were cases of apprentices who lost their willingness to practice due to this bullying, lost their lives, and lost their whereabouts. A trainee that I belonged to by a supervisory organization.

I would like to write about the trainee’s living environment first.

The dormitory where apprentices live is also provided to be accurately reported, such as space, equipment, and fire insurance provisions.

Sometimes you can see articles such as being pushed into an octopus room, but because of the technical intern training system, there is a confusion and composition between technical interns and just foreign workers. Isn’t it?

You may have seen reports that foreigners have been reported in the middle of the night. Conversely, if you accept technical interns in the region, you will soon be able to get to the relevant government agencies if you accept technical intern trainees.

The cause of the disappearance is a smartphone

In that case, both supervision organizations and recipients will be accused of accusing, and in the worst case, it will not be possible to recruit or accept apprentices.

For companies that accept apprentices who have been “shortage of human resources” by Japanese workers, it is a matter of immediate life, so it is a point where the company’s representatives are very concerned about dormitory and borrowing company houses. 。

If the person in charge of the supervisor organizer is a lazy description or an ambiguous description in the house -related plan, the boss will not come out first in front of the jurisdiction government office, so it is usually a technical training system and technical training. If you are facing raw, the octopus room is not very possible.

By the way, it is a missing technical intern trainee.

If you say the synopsis, first of all, your relationship with colleagues and Japanese employees in the workplace has been twisted, and late and absentee have increased rapidly. He escaped for the first time, was soon secured by the company officials, and put in one stroke if he did not do it again.

However, after a while, he escapes for the second time. This time, I couldn’t get in touch for a while, but I myself contacted the supervisory organization and requested rescue.

Then, the representative and the representative of the supervisor went to pick you up, and when you heard the background and actions, the surprising truth was revealed.

In the first place, it was a smartphone that triggered human relationships at work.

Destroy at the net casino

He was engaged in work related to architectural civil engineering, but he said he was more physically strong than he had imagined before Japan, and felt opposed to strong tone instructions and advice on the site.

Eventually, you will use a smartphone given by the company to contact your work and life, and you will be immersed in games and online casinos.

I remembered the smartphone game after seeing the Japanese who were on the scene was doing it. The internet casino was taught by a trainee who came to Japan earlier.

At first, I wasn’t used to physical fatigue, so the game was just a gap time for work. The communication charges were not burdensome because they used the Wi-Fi in the dormitory to contact their homeland.

However, one day I overslept and was late for departure to the site, I was fluffy and returned to the dormitory, and after playing the game all day, the situation changed completely. While gradually sleeping, I get enthusiastic about the game, and on holidays I start playing games all night.

He used his salary to pay for the game, and at last he borrowed his colleagues.

In addition to the place where the attitude of working is visibly worse, the repayment of debt to colleagues will be delayed, and finally fighting for a grasp.

Contact the dark gold

It was an online casino that tried to increase the missing money. At the beginning, I was absorbed in various bonuses and benefits, and until the next bonus, until the next bonus, I could not get out of the front, and if I noticed, there were no colleagues and brothers who could lend me money. rice field.

So, the so -called dark gold.

It was a man who came to Japan from the same country who met and borrowed directly, but he was told that there was a Japanese yakuza behind it, and he did not feel like “it was dangerous.” The man must have bothered the presence of a yakuza to prevent backle.

But I’m still 20 years old, and I’m not sure what interest rate is. All you know is that you can’t replace your back on your back.

Anyway, I got a small amount of money, played in a billing game or online casinos, and I started to watch the adult videos, even if I didn’t go well, buy or lose.

Although a considerable number of illegal videos upload sites that infringe copyright have been caught and eliminated, there are still more than one. Many are Chinese main, but some of the posted videos are listed in Southeast Asian languages ​​with titles and contents.

The second escape

Some of them have subtitles in various languages ​​in Japanese adult videos, and you can see how foreigners living in Japan are enjoying as leisure time.

In the illegal upload site, Japanese adult videos are so popular that they form a single category as “JAV (JAPANESE ADULT VIDEO)”. Even sites that focus on all languages, such as English, Chinese, and Russian, always have a JAV category.

This trainee was no exception, but it became known that the company was watching adult videos in the dormitory, and it became more and more difficult, so finally hold only a minimum of wallets and passports. I escaped the time.

Regarding the second escape, the approximate background of the supervisor’s representative and the person in charge has shown the approximate circumstances.

The trainees who escaped went to the same country who were borrowed dark gold window and consulted, saying, “Because it is the second escape, I can not return to the recruitment company and may not be in Japan anymore.” I approached it. He said, “I’m relieved to introduce a better job,” and was taken to the Japanese.

The Japanese are all taken up from the passport from their passport, and they are pushed into an octopus room, just partitioned with a veneer with only two tatami mats, and will be working the next morning.

Oil -like lunch

He is afraid that he must be a yakuza who is said to be in the back, and is strange.

He said he had no choice but to say it.

He was put on a minivan early in the morning, went to a place where he had no idea where it was, filled the hole and sorted resource garbage.

At the site, there were multiple foreigners who had a dark and spicy complexion, but speaking of each other in a single word, it would not be possible to know the details other than the country of origin.

After being thrown into the octopus room, I received three lunches a day, whether or not I had a job. However, his smartphone was taken up, and he was told that he had worked, but he was told that he had been paid for debt, and he couldn’t even give money, so he was able to sleep and do his job that he didn’t understand well. The lunch box was greasy and the seasoning did not fit in the mouth, and in many cases it could not be eaten.

One day when I was exhausted to count without a calendar at hand, I happened to find a gap and escaped the octopus room while wearing my clothes. It was the third escape drama for convenience, but I don’t even know where the current location is because my smartphone has been taken up.

SOS for management organizations

Anyway, I was thinking of heading at a temple in a certain place in the northern Kanto region. I remembered that trainees and foreign workers had been rescue for trainees and foreign workers.

There was a police officer because there were police officers, and there were Japanese people who searched for a smartphone when they continued to visit the road, “I want to go to the 〇〇 temple in the prefecture.”

According to the map app, the distance to reach there is about 50km. I had to straddle the prefecture, but I had a large road and a station as a landmark on paper, and I was prepared to walk even if I had to go around the night.

Kindly, the Japanese who taught the way gave me a 500 -yen coin, so I bought bread and water at a nearby convenience store and walked out the taught path to a landmark station.

However, although I was so enthusiastic, it was not something that I could continue to walk so much that the body was overworked.

When I arrived at the station that was the second landmark, I found a public telephone, and I was taken care of by the money that bought bread and water, in short, called on the group I was, and picked up the representative and person in charge. I decided to come. The phone number of the supervision organization was the only one remembered because it was a line of easy numbers.

Of course, this is not a big circle. Regardless of the country, the representative who was furious, explained “good and bad things as a person”, and the same nationality as the apprentices and the person in charge from the same area translated in a strong tone. 。

Actual situation of slavery

Nevertheless, they do not have a passport or a status of residence, so the condition is illegally staying. In addition, there is no skill test that is required to take the exam as a trainee.

I have no choice but to return to Japan, but I can’t buy a passport with my own money, and I can’t even go to the consulate.

I didn’t see the settlement before I retired, so I asked again what happened, but I was only asked, “I asked my customer to do something.”

A trainee who has not undertook a skill test and repeats the escape and disappearance is of course troublesome. In a short time, “I managed to do something” must have been nervous enough to have a hole in the stomach because the representative itself would be responsible if the wrong way was made.

In any case, I was able to get a glimpse of the non -human treatment for foreign technical interns, the truth of the mechanism that used like slaves, and one end of the escape trainees.

After all, the anti -company is making good use of the system of falling. As far as I heard directly after the disappearance and retirement, the same thing in Kansai and Chubu is not unusual.

“Japayuki -san” network that still remains

A veteran person in charge of trainees in a construction -related company told me to the author.

In particular, in Southeast Asia, there are networks of the “mouth shop” and the “hand” on the other side of the Philippines and Thai “Japayuki -san”.

The same way in Japan and Japan is the same, with funds and administrators, making a solid person, and receiving a group certification from the front. In fact, it is a person of the anti -company, both sending out and accepting a trainee or worker, but it does not easily barre because it is superficially according to the regular routes and procedures.

Keep this multiple, and if there is any inconvenience, throw it away and repeat the transfer. The rest is not known about the later, as Atsushi’s organizations and religious organizations who consider human rights will do it.

I have heard that the mouth shop is the oldest business alongside prostitution, but it means that the strong face is strong just because people use it as a product.

There are some companies that try to enjoy them by riding them.

The difference between the minimum wage in the region and the actual payment amount is started by trying to make money by “internal reserves”. Rumors come from somewhere.

Rampage of “mouth shop”

At one point, the representative of the supervisor who took care of me was told by a person in charge of a recruitment company that could be recruited at 30 % cheaper than the market price.

The representative answered, “It is not recognized by the technical intern training system to recruit technical intern trainees at a lower price of the minimum wage in the prefecture.” The conditions for continuing to arrange are discounts. “

The amount paid to the apprentices is “institutional rules”, and the only discount is to cut the “management cost”, which is the cost of supervision organizations. The management costs also have a market price, so they hire staff, prepare vehicles for patrols, and have PCs and OA equipment. The vehicle costs a parking lot, high -speed, and fuel cost, and a running cost is also required for devices such as personal computers.

Since the supervision organization is non -profit, reducing management costs will simply be unable to survive as an organization.

In short, a company that says to discount is not a certified supervisory organization, but a mere foreign worker who does not apply the technical training system as a regular trainee, falsifies a regular trainee. It’s a shop.

To change is “Corporate Society’s custom”

The representative responded that way, saying, “If you arrange workers from the dark route, you will no longer be able to recruit trainees again.” However, the contract is discontinued on the spot

It was a kindness that considers that the company’s related companies were involved in corruption cases a while ago. That said, the representative was depressed with the face of this, such as crushing the worms.

Instead of cutting yourself, the inconvenience and negative parts are turned around to the weaker. It is a natural sight not only in Japan but also in the corporate society in each country.

If you want to 코인카지노 rewrite, should these “customs of corporate society” should be the first?

I don’t think the concept of the technical training system, which responds to international contributions as a developed country with specific technology and know -how, is a mistake.

Various application documents linked to the system must be prepared for nearly 100 A4 paper per trainee, such as practical training plans, wages, restraint, monthly working days, and details of the residence.

In addition, most of the documents that the company at the acceptance must submit must be submitted, and if they accept through supervision organizations, they are required to join the specified organizations, and they must be reviewed.

Serious labor shortage

In addition, since the basis of the system is to learn practical skills, it is stipulated that apprentices must take the “Skill Test” by the fixed deadline. If you do not pass, the acceptance companies will be “deducted” and will be branded as incompatible as a reception destination.

In that case, you may not be able to receive apprentices from the next opportunity. Therefore, most decent companies are enthusiastic about teaching Japanese language as well as professors of skills. Not only is it based on guidance and communication, but if you do not understand the test questions correctly and answer correctly, and you do not pass properly, the company will be in trouble.

It is completely wrong to think about accepting apprentices, that is, to easily gain inexpensive labor.

He stated earlier that the supervision organization was non -profit, but the acceptance company exceeds the hurdles that are not as sweet as simply saying that they are short of manpower.

In fact, my friend, who runs a small architectural company, raised the number of documents to be submitted and the complaint of procedures and reports as a reason not to include technical interns.

The managers and staff of the company who actually interviewed did not deny that they wanted human resources because they did not come.

SME’s suffering

However, what emphasized more was that there was a fear that the techniques and know -how in the business would be stopped because the Japanese people did not come.

In that case, there is no house, no one to care, lunch boxes and vegetables are not produced or shipped, and there is a sense of crisis that it will become such a Japan.

Many companies actively accept technical interns via supervision organizations in small and medium -sized and localized locals.

In recent years, there is a voice on the Internet who is worried that small and medium -sized companies are out of business, their skills are lost, and they leak overseas.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the technical training system, it raises a negative aspect just to see the flicker, and one thing repeats short -circuit criticism. By all means, it is not late after understanding the contents of the system and listening to the voices of the parties.

There is one thing that has been found in the technical training system for a short period of time.

There are only two motivation to work in a foreign country, albeit time, and want to work and live in that country without returning to your home country.

One of them is a good choice and decides to be prepared.




















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