A series of London writers, Hanako Miyata, “Knowing! [Photo] Marie Antoinette and others … Eight beautiful women who leave the name in history! 。 While introducing the feats of “amazing people” to the extent that you can know, you will pinpoint and cut and cut. Delivering a great manner that you can easily read! A bad woman? Or just naive? Marie Antoinette, who has disappeared on the crucific table, is overwhelmingly 바카라사이트/a> well -known as a historical person in France. Many people know that they were “beheaded by the French Revolution,” but they don’t know the way to this point. Marie Antoinette (from November 2, 1755 to October 16, 1793, the birth name is “Maria Antonia Josepha Josepha Johanna Johanna von Hapsburg -Rotolringen”) It was born in Vienna, the Principality of Austria, as Franz I and Maria Teresia’s 15th (11th woman). Anyway, there were many children and his wife (the birth of 16 people), but except for one of the growing girls (appointed as a monastery), everyone has a political marriage with the aim of stabilizing the country. Marie Antoinette also married Louis XVI (August 23, 1754 -January 21, 1793), which was the time of the French prince to strengthen the alliance with France, on May 16, 1770. did. On the day of departure from Austria, Marie Antoinette loses his mother Maria Teresia. The marriage of a young royal couple aged 15 years old and 14 years old was not at first. Despite the pressure of “giving birth to a successor”, it was difficult to have a child, and the older brother came from Austria to make a child. Later, due to his grandfather Louis XVI, Louis XVI became the king in 1775. Marie Antoinette is the queen. A portrait depicting Marie Antoinette when he became a queen. The atmosphere of the globe and enjoying the spring of our world are conveyed. The national treasury is a fire car because France participated in the United States’ Independence War (the United States). However, the royal noble continued to live luxuriously. The anger of citizens, who could not withstand the burden on the tax hike, the poor of wheat, and the unequal feudal system, exploded, and the French Revolution broke out on July 14, 1789. Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and two children (four children were born between the two, but two of them died during the revolution) were imprisoned in the tumble tower. Louis XVI was sentenced to death on January 19, 1793, and was executed two days later by a guillotine beheaded on January 21. Marie Antoinette was also sentenced to death at around 4:00 am on October 16, 1793 due to information leakage, luxury crimes, and an abuse of his son ( * various theories), and executed by guillotine at 12:15 pm that day. it was done. It was a 37 -year -old life.

Hong Kong is also brilliant, with colorful neon firms welcoming the lights, and the stars that embroider the night sky will fall. It is imprinted in the heart with vivid memories that seemed to have been to yesterday.

I can’t forget the night of Hong Kong, I am.

You can’t forget a tangled shrimp on the shrimp tang noodles you ate there, and a cool Stella draft beer with an angry bubble drunk on the street of Soho.

We first stepped into Hong Kong in 14 years, the first year of the hot newly married couple.

I can’t forget the shock when I visited Hong Kong, a first -time traveler with a honeymoon. The busy steps of the brilliant neon signs of the face and the black night streets were exotic and different. I was excited and my chest was thumped. When the smell of spices tickles the tip of the nose, and the bones leaking every time they pass by one shop, the cold air conditioner cold is cold.

Onginging cable cars, Big Buda, Peace Tram Observation Deck, Tsimchu Promenade, etc. Shooting the numerous places, I had time to get acquainted with Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s night in midsummer was healing to us, and finished the summer vacation with a firm commitment to visit again.

How many years have passed after my first visit, I was a mother and dad of a child.

Shortly after we walked, we left for Hong Kong once again.

In fact, Hong Kong was a sensitive time in Hong Kong at the time of free struggle from China. I had to visit with my child, so I was worried about it. It would be dangerous, and most of all, it was a time when there was a lot of conflicts in mind. However, it seemed that we would not see our Hong Kong that day. So I was forced to meet the last Hong Kong.

We have left, to Hong Kong.

Traveling with a child was not hard. Jim had to be wrapped at the level of immigration bags, and he was still a clumsy child, so it was time to understand all communication with the child’s cry and expression. But the excitement of the trip was always the same. No matter how hard it was, the heart did not stay still because of the idea of ​​finding Hong Kong of the day. The fast pulse vibration felt like a chest. So we were on a plane to Hong Kong, and Chek Lap Kok International Airport, which arrived safely, was proud of its old days.

But there was a problem.

When he escaped from the airport and entered the city, the subway was stopped because of the protest procession.

With an uneasy heart, I only caught a taxi and ran to the hotel for a long time to avoid the protests. I was worried about it because I had a child, but I regretted some regrets, but I decided to enjoy the local situation in a travel cafe and enjoy it safely.

That night we found Soho’s night street. The pub I found in the newlyweds was there. Numerous travelers and locals were enjoying youth. When we dragged the stroller, we decided to sit on the stairs of the streets and have a drink side by side and enjoy the hot summer night. It was difficult for the child to enjoy it properly, but as time went by, the night of that day was so excited that it would not leave in my head for a long time.

It was a short journey of two nights and three days, so I quickly headed to the next destination.

The next day, we decided to ride the peak tram we missed. It was quite tough to ride a peak tram with a child. Nevertheless, it was a valuable time we had to fall in love with the beautiful night view of Hong Kong we experienced when we were newlywed. Fortunately, the child followed us well as usual. Anxious energy was hugged by the protests, but I felt an infinite gratitude for being able to share this meaningful moment.

Our second Hong Kong, which was very short.

The shock of the struggle has been enormous.

It seemed as if we were reproducing us of the 70s and 80s that could only be seen in textbooks. Citizens in Hong Kong risked their lives and protested, and we had no choice but to watch in the field. It was a time when China preoccupied a favorable position, as if he was a traveler, but he really didn’t know our sadness to support Hong Kong. So it was a more painful journey, and it was Hong Kong’s ‘last’.

I’m not sure what it is now.

It seems that we will never see Hong Kong, which was so happy. I can’t forget the Hong Kong citizens who greeted the children who welcomed us in a restaurant who went to eat dim sum and a warm greeting to the child outside the restaurant window.

Perhaps the road in Hong Kong’s history remains.

We were with them, united with one heart, and cheered on their freedom with a stream of heart.

The moment when it was irreversible and their last cry. My sorrow was filled up to the tip of my jaw, so I leaned my head unknowingly in the protests that I met every time I visited the destination. So more meaningful times. Since it was with them, the memories of that time were the best moments without regret.

We quickly headed to Macau, but the difficult heart that left Hong Kong from the port still soaks my memory with tears.

The child is already five years old, and he can’t remember the day’s trip clearly.

We 온라인카지노 will still live without forgetting us in the last Hong Kong.

I still revive the unfortunate memories of staying in Hong Kong of the day, and finish this article.