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From the media circuit test drive event of the new Honda “CBR1000RR” held the other day, I would like to tell you the impression of Kenny Sagawa, a motorcycle journalist, Kenny Sagawa.

This time, we tested the circuit performance of the new CBR1000RR at Sodegaura Forest Raceway in Chiba Prefecture. We will also tell you the quality of the running on the stage that this machine is good at, and the newly installed electronic control and electronic control suspension mounted on the SP model.

“Further evolution of total control”

The development theme is “Next Stage Total Control”. In order to realize this, the new CBR1000RR has been fully reviewed by the vehicle body packaging, even though it is based on the conventional model.

The evolutionary point was given as the evolutionary point, such as the lightness of the lighter in the class, the lightness of the mass concentration, the power unit that both improved the output and the controllable characteristics, and the electronic control that supported it.

68 % of the body is newly designed and reduced by 16kg

The body packaging is newly designed with 68 % of all components that make up the finished vehicle to evolve the more fun of manipulating.

Specifically, the weight of 16 kg compared to the conventional reduction (196 kg for STD, SP is 195 kg), and the momentum is reduced due to mass concentration, and the main frame is based on the basic specifications made by aluminum die -cast. , Responsibility is improved by optimizing rigidity balance.

The swing arm is also accelerating the line race accuracy by balancing the left and right rigidity balance and adopting a large axle.

The wheels have a lightweight new design, achieving light handling.

Newly adopted cornering ABS

The brake system enables control during cornering by evolving ABS in conjunction with IMU (inertia measurement device), in addition to improving weight and improving braking power, and in the advanced model SP, Brembo mono -block radial calipers are made. It is adopted.

SP is equipped with Orleans “electronic control suspension”

In addition, the SP uses the latest generation of Orleans electronic control suspension “SMART EC” (Front: φ43mm inverted fork NIX30EC / Rear: TTX36EC) to provide optimal damping characteristics settings according to the driving situation. The state -of -the -art specifications are given, such as being able to control the damping force characteristics in real time.

By the way, in the SP, the fuel tank was also made of titanium, which was significantly reduced.

The style is more tight and compact

The aim of styling is “tight and compact”, and the knee -lip width is 30mm slim compared to the conventional knee grip width.

Focusing on expressing functions with appearance, it contributes to further weight reduction and mass concentration based on wedge -shaped silhouettes, but also improves both athletic performance and residence by pursuing aerodynamic characteristics.

Realizes the strongest 192 horsepower in history by improving the entire engine

The engine has evolved by thoroughly reviewing all engine composition parts, such as adopting magnesium cover, further lighter each part, and high strength of transmission and crankshaft.

Due to the improvement of pistons and dynamism, the enlargement of throttle bore, and the optimization of the muffler structure, the strong torque in the low middle rotation range and the growth in the high rotation range are balanced, and the strongest in CBR history 192. It has achieved horsepower/13000rpm.

In addition, the introduction of the newly designed assist slippers has reduced the burden on clutch lever operation.

The SP is equipped with an electrical suspension -linked riding mode

The engine was also electrified. The new CBR introduces the first throttle by wire system in the series, 5 -stage output characteristics (power selector), 9 -stage traction control intervention level (HSTC), engine brake strength (selectable engine brake). Is a mechanism that can be set arbitrarily.

The ultimate is the riding mode, and set five types of modes that can select driving feeling according to the driving status (Mode “1”, “2”, “3” is default. User “1” “2” is optional. setting).

In addition to optimizing the output characteristics, traction control, and engine brake control levels according to the mode selection, the SP specification automatically optimizes the damping force by linking with the Orleans “SMART EC”. It is a mechanism that can be done.

In addition to the electronic control steering damper, the SP has a quick shifter (shift -up & down) as standard.

Full LED is used for full -color TFT meter

As an interface for centrally managing these electronic control systems, the new CBR is equipped with a full -color TFT liquid crystal meter to ensure comfortable visibility by automatic dimming function.

Various modes and screen switching can be operated with the switch on the left hand of the handle, and 카지노룰렛 the usability has been improved. In addition, lightweight compact and power saving by LED of all lights.

In SP, the latest technology has been introduced, such as the practical use of ultra -light and long -life lithium -ion batteries.

■ “CBR1000RR SP” test drive impression

Following the test drive on a public road held in April, this time we had the opportunity to test drive on the circuit.

The stage is Sodegaura Forest Raceway. It is a full -fledged technical course with high -speed and tight corners in about 2.5 km per lap.

It can be said that it is a great location to test the ability of the new CBR.

Challenge SP with slick tires

What I saw on the circuit was the CBR1000RR SP, which is replaced with a slick tire and waiting for the rider while the tire warmer is wrapped.

The tricolor -colored CBR, which runs a dark blue stripe based on red and white, is a crystal of Honda’s technology and pride. You can see the beauty of the sharp limbs like the sharpened athlete.

The leather suit is dressed up with a lace helmet, and the beating increases inevitably with tension and uplifting while waiting for the turn. Surrounded by Honda’s development team, he received a lecture to maximize the performance of the new machine, and hit the full -equipped electronic device to his head.

An indicator that emerges in the full -color TFT on the ignition on. In one corner of the display, my name is …

Handling that embodies “lightness is justice”

The sound of the engine and the exhaust sound of the engine is quite volume and is rough compared to the conventional type.

I feel light from the moment I pay the side stand and raise the body. I accelerated the pite road as if slipping, but I felt that there were few frictions with low rolling resistance.

I decided to gradually increase my pace after warming up, but after a few laps, I am already running in full mode. Although I was riding once on a public road ride, I was honestly surprised at this familiarity.

You can trace the lines you imagine accurately, and you can reach the points you aim for. In super sports, there is the word “lightness is justice”, but it is a handling that you can realize.

Corner entry is much smooth

When the gear is brushed up with a quick shifter with the throttle fully open, the straight end approaches in a blink of an eye.

Normally, while decelerating with full braking, we are busy shifting down with half -clutches or bripping while paying attention to the ground tire contact feeling, but with the new CBR, non -clutch while holding the brake lever as much as possible. Shift down is possible.

The most difficult circuit riding, the preparation work for the corner entry is much easier.

Electronic control releases the pressure

Equipped with a quick shifter that is effective not only for shift -up but also for down, and a cornering ABS that can be fully brushed even in the theory.

Traction controls that instantly contain dangerous slides with extra power at the corner rising will also support riders, and thorough assistance by electronic control will release the rider from the pressure of “busy” and “fear”.

Still, the riding pleasure required for super sports does not fade. Because you can concentrate on “manipulation”.

Feel the essence of “total control”

The more you attack, the more risks, for example, the more concerns such as “grip go” and “open goke” will be much reduced, and the movement of other machines running together, such as control of corn entry speeds, removing lines, and moving together. You can distribute nerves to the important things.

As a result, you can run faster and safely. This is probably the essence of the “total control” aimed at by the new CBR.

Experience 5 types of riding mode

I also tried the riding mode equipped on SP.

There are five types of modes, but simply speaking, MODE “1” is for circuits, “2” is for winding, “3” is for city riding and rain, and output characteristics, traction control, engine brake, and suspension settings. It is preset to the optimal value according to the purpose of.

And user “1” and “2” are mechanisms that users can set each parameter arbitrarily.

The usual course and the scenery looked different

If you run with the calmest MODE “3”, nothing will happen even if you open the throttle roughly, and the traction control will intervene immediately before you feel slippery, so even beginners should be able to run with confidence. In a sense, it’s hard to get tired because you can run and run.

On the other hand, in the most aggressive MODE “1”, the throttle response becomes sharp and accelerates as if it were played with full power. It is power that picks up a small gap on the road and the front rises. That also contains wheelie control naturally …

And even if you attack quite a bit, traction control does not intervene. In the first place, this test ride was wearing slick tires, so it was not possible to shine the traction control indicator beyond the powerful grip.

The scenery flowing from the usual Sodkeura is completely different. That alone, the speed of CBR has been transmitted more than enough.

The best set can be released instantly with one switch

What was interesting was linked to Orleans Electronics Sus.

As the stage is upgraded from “3” to “2” and “1”, the attenuation characteristics change from software settings that emphasize ride comfort to hard settings that emphasize handling.

The difference was that it was known enough to attack, and when running on the circuit at the pace, the “1” that had a sense of stability while turning and a sense of stepping up even when the corner rose was nice.

After that, when I ran more seriously, I felt that the fork was too much with full braking, so this time by manual operation, I raise the damping force level to +2 of “GENERAL” (overall mode for increasing the damping force). And the change of posture of the machine came out.

I tried many other things, but I think it was the best setting for the day. It is wonderful that you can customize the running feeling according to the sensitivity of the rider.

Moreover, Honda has been prepared as a data on the machine that Honda has cultivated in a long -standing race experience.

And I think it’s really amazing that it can be instantly made with one left hand switch. You don’t have to worry about setting or struggle with unfamiliar tools.

The size of the pocket to accept all the riders is attractive

A new CBR that has more powerful driving and ease of handling. In terms of performance, there is no doubt that the conventional model has been exceeded in all directions.

However, that does not mean that it has become an expert, but it can be said that it has evolved normally as a model with the size of the frontage and the size of the pocket that accepts all riders due to the benefits of advanced technology and electronic control.

I think that advanced users can also be recommended for those who want to make a circuit debut in order to deepen their running.

Source: Webike Bike News